Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting to know MaggieMae

Getting to know MaggieMae has been interesting. She's dragged me out for a walk everyday this week. Even Monday when it was so cold! How could I resist those beautiful brown eyes of hers (when I can see them under her long hair)? She stands at the door with that look, like "Come on, it will be fun!" She is doing well walking by my side once we get going. I do let her sniff when we get to a grassy area. Today she met two of my neighbors down the street and one of them has a dog she met. They hit it off fine.

Earlier this week I had been sitting in my recliner (not reclining, mind you) and talking on the phone and all of a sudden I had a 50 pound lap dog! My standard poodle had been a lapdog also, but he was all limbs and only 40 pounds. So this was quite a difference as she is quite solid! So far she's only done it twice... in 4 days! But I did oblige her yesterday. She loves looking out the windows, so when my older daughter and her hubby and my grand-daughter came by to meet miss MaggieMae, I enlisted the adults help in putting a trunk I have in front of the living room window, so during the day when the curtains are open, she can get up and see what's happening in the outside world. I wait for the day she sees the dog walkers from the kennel near me going down the street. I'll probably get that look again, "Come on, lets go join them! Pant, pant, come on!"

She has made herself at home in my king size bed every night too, and stays till morning. Sometimes she does change positions. This morning I woke to find her butt near my head! I am so thankful she does not seem to be gassy!! Right now she is laying near me and barking furiously at something in her sleep. Oh for just a peek into a dog's dream!!

Once again I thank my wonderful God that he has brought me such a loving companion.


Tina. said...

Amen to the wonderful companion! And LOLOLOLOLOL to the but in face! And aren't the walks great? Have a great day!

soulbrush said...

ha ha thank heavens for no gas...we are lucky with snuffs too, a non gassy pooch. you have a friend for life.and you are going to meet some fabulous people in bloggyland too, which will make your life even richer. hugs.

Sue said...

How wonderful for Maggie Mae to find a safe happy home to enjoy for the rest of her life. You are both very lucky to have found each other.