Monday, March 9, 2009

In memory of my friend, M.

This morning news came. A good friend of mine of over 30 years lost her battle with cancer. She had been my maid of honor. She'd lost her husband to cancer just last Aug. and never had time to grieve fully over him before finding out she had it also. I don't believe she really had the will to fight to survive, when she lost her best friend/husband. It is difficult to lose someone so close (a spouse, a parent, a child). All we can do when it happens is to ask God to give us enough grace to get through each day, one day at a time.

It was just a few short days ago I was told my friend would not have much longer. Until MaggieMae came into my life I'd built a wall about myself. I thought I was just looking at life realistically. I didn't think I felt much when I should have felt more. But one thing Maggie has done for me is to open my heart to letting down that wall. I thank God for her as now I can grieve properly again. It amazes me how perfect God's timing is.

Grieving for loved ones (people or pets) is a part of living, as strange as that may sound. It is grieving that enables us to heal. If we cannot greive we are not allowing God to work the healing in us. It is a process and takes time, but it is definitely how God made our bodies to work. And we know He understands what we go through, as He also grieved when He gave His Son for us. However there is hope for those who know Him. I can't say for sure my friend knew Him. I think it's possible, but only God knew her heart. I certainly hope so and that I will see her again one day. My purpose is to keep my heart open to God. Not to be bitter at the losses in my life, but to keep hope in His mercy for myself and to pray for my loved ones that they will also have that hope in Him.

For those reading this, I pray that you also may know the grace of God and keep Him in your hearts.


GoldenTracks said...

I find that we often 'wall ourselves off' from unpleasant feelings and lack of luster in our lives. Isn't it great how our pets open our hearts and our lives to good things.
I'm sorry you have lost a good friend. Perhaps Maggie Mae was sent to you to help ease the pain of your life's losses.

Rose said...

Indeed I am sure MaggieMae came into my life at this time for that purpose.