Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smart Girl

It seems MaggieMae is a very smart girl. Her previous owner had shown me some of her tricks the night we met. One I had forgotten and then recently I learned she has another talent. When we met I saw her drop to the floor at the command, "bang" (for a treat of course). We continually practice this one at least once a day. Then I was reminded (besides the usual commands) that Maggie is very polite, and will say "thank you" in woofs for her treats if she is asked to. And that she has done for me now. The new one is I was told that she sings. Well, I'm not much of a singer , and to get her going I will have to practice myself. But hopefully MaggieMae will sing for me soon also. She is one bright girl, and when we get into therapy these will be very useful tools I am sure!

In the meantime, my oldest grand daughter spent the night here last night and her and MaggieMae had an absolutely grand time playing with a toy lovingly donated by my niece (and encourager) Tina. It was a sight to see. Grand daughter laughing and MaggieMae tail wagging! And the rain finally let up so we got a short walk in at dusk. It is good to see this dog so good with kids. What a blessing she is to me. Thank you to MaggieMae's previous owner for doing such a wonderful job training her. You also have a gift from God, and I know He will bless you for following His direction for your life.

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