Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Walkin' The Dog"

I came home from work today feeling a bit tired. (Actually felt tired on waking this morning.) Decided to lie down on the couch for a short bit and rest. The next thing I knew I had a 50 lb. dog laying on me. I told her she was too heavy for that and it was not going to work! So she got down. Then I decided to call my sister and after getting the phone I sat down in the recliner to chat with her. After hanging up Miss MaggieMae decided it was time for attention, so she climbed into my lap... all 50 lbs. of her. I let her stay for a bit of quality petting time, until she heard a neighbor dog walking by and barking "hello" to other dogs from the kennel walking also. So Maggie being the inquistive dog that she is got on her "perch" (the trunk) in the front window to see who was saying what out there. When she saw them walking..... she turned to look at me as if to say....."See, it's a great day for a walk, sunshine and all my friends are out! I want to go too!"

Needless to say she won out. We went for our walk and she got to greet the other walking dogs. I must say that a beautiful day like today is such a blessing for a tired body to get out and get fresh air and hear the birds singing also. Geese flying back. Robins a-plenty are back. Redwing blackbirds singing their songs. I love it. I thank God for the companion I have that makes me get out and get the exercise I need! Praise be to Him!

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