Thursday, March 26, 2009

DOT Post

Wow, I just realized it's thursday. Not much new with MaggieMae and me. Just going along with life. She's not too co-operative for pics either. I made an appointment to get her groomed but it's not till next tuesday. After that I may have some updated pics to post of her. If she will co-operate. Not sure how much of a trim she will get yet.

A man installed a new electonically read water meter today for the town at my house, and he said she looks just like his sister's labradoodle. So remains to be seen exactly what is in her genes.

So that is my DOT post for this week. Nothing exciting. Sorry folks.


GoldenTracks said...

Good to hear from you, even if no pics. Can't wait to see Maggie Mae after her grooming.
Don't have her hair cut, just needs bathing, brushing and combing. Long haired dogs need their long hair to keep cool and to keep warm. If I lived close by I'd do it for you with my Furminator and the oatmeal shampoo. charge.

Sonya said...

Looking forward to seeing her
new 'do. My dogs love to sit on the ceder chest and look out the window.

Rose said...

To Goldentracks... Hey thanks for the offer "if". I appreciate that! Well,the lady I'm taking her to is in my backyard about and has a dog kennel, and she gives a break to those in the neighborhood, so having her groomed will be affordable. (Now the standard poodle I had was costly, as I had him trimmed right down except for the topknot and ball on the tail.) But I would like to get her cut to a managable length. She's kind of touchy with the brushing but is getting better, although she does complain (moaning, mumbling or whatever). But I do intend to consult with the groomer to determine how much trimming will be done. Being overweight she does pant considerable already, and I want her to be cool this summer... so we'll see what the recomendation is. Thanks for the input though!