Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing Closer (Happy DOT)

Just got a reminder from a very special niece it is Thursday. Thank you. I did remember last night but had not thought about it yet today. So now back to what I was thinking about last night.

MaggieMae and I are bonding more each day. She comes to greet me at the door when I've been gone some place for a few hours. She has started to "bump" me with her nose to get my attention when I'm sitting at my computer. (My poodle Andy had done that a lot to get my attention.) If I sit on the recliner or the couch she is right on top of me, literally! The other night, she was not in the living room and when I went to look for her she was already on my bed! First time she did not wait for me!

Yesterday I was working on the "stay" command in the living room and she did pretty good. Of course, a little eager since I was using She does listen and mind pretty well anyway, but I thought it was time to start using a little more training and control. I am definitley thankful for this animal God has placed in my care. Next week first visit to the vet for checkup and heartworm test. Now where did I put her records????

New collar from Petsmart last week too. She looks "fetching" in it!


GoldenTracks said...

Great collar! The colors just suit her.
A little tip for training the stay..always try to praise and reward just before they are about to break the stay.

Tina. said...

Great pics of a great dog and a great relationship! Happy Dot's, Auntie!

Rose said...

Well, the praise and reward was after I asked her to come to me, and she did, so I guess it was stay and come when I call I was trying to teach her. But thanks for the tip for the stay by itself.

soulbrush said...

she is too cute, ha ha my new grdadaughter's name is Maggie Rae...tee hee. happy dot to you and MM

Sue said...

What a cute collar, very cheery. It sounds like she's settling in very well. Keep up the gentle training.

Cat said...

Happy Dogs on Thursday! My babies touch me on the leg with their noses too when they want to 'remind' me they are there! subtle, eh?! LOL

I love Maggie Mae's new bangs!