Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Home Bath (DOT)

Well, my first attempt at a bath for MaggieMae ended up fine except for me having to clean the bathroom walls with a dry towel. And I hadn't thot she shed much... but the walls were covered with loose hair along with the water drops! The hardest part was bending over the bathtub. She didn't like it much but she was very tolerant. When I let her outside to dry (after the toweling) she got a good run in... She was ready to take on any and every little critter in the back yard! "Look out, Maggie's feeling frisky!"
She even had to show off to the neighbor dog!


Sue said...

She looks beautiful after her bath. Isn't it cute how proud they are of how they look?

Kathy R said...

I think the neighbor dog is really admiring your clean pup.

Charli and me said...

She probably feels like a living doll. She's a beauty all right. Happy DOT!

Sunny said...

Great pictures! .... and I like your new background. It suits you well.