Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Just Love Spring Flowers

Stopped by Walmart today to pick up a few paper products and decided to visit the plant department. I got one perennial to plant and three annuals. The perennial is Red Bellis, and the annuals are two different types of purple dahlias, and then I got one beautiful pink Gerber Daisy. Oh so pretty! Still have to make my annual trip for annuals for my deck to a place I usually buy at. Hopefully soon, before they are all gone! Oh, and Maggie did sniff the daisy, but didn't eat it!


Tina. said...

Beautiful flowers;-)Now the question is where are you going to put them? Can't wait to see?!

Sunny said...

Yes, you take after mom in your choice of flower colors. Ae your hollyhoicks coming up yet this year?

Rose said...

Yes Sunny, they are coming back, just starting to leaf out well. Soon the stalks will start shooting up. I put all the seed pods back to the ground last fall, so hopefully they will be fuller than when I gave some away to you know who. :-) How are yours doing? Did you get them planted?