Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Crazy Week and Happy Dogs on Thursday

It has been one very crazy week. I have been doing major spring cleaning. Partly because my daughter is going to have a garage sale (and I'm donating things I haven't looked at for years!), and partly because I have a bible study group coming here this weekend. Needless to say, I am very happy with the clean look, after a long winter... and more space after weeding things out.

However my cleaning did wait till after the weekend because I had my 4 grand-daughters spending the night last friday night. It was a three ring circus with them here and MaggieMae spotting rabbits out the front window who had no remorse about teasing the dickens out of her. She ran from window to door and back and forth most of the evening, whining the whole time. Saturday the girls were playing in the back yard (after a raucus evening the night before) and one informed me I had a pile of dog poop to clean up. As I was going to do that she also informed me the 3 yr. old had stepped in it! After cleaning that up and cleaning the bottom of her shoes with the garden hose, this same one who'd been my informer slipped in the mud soiling her shoes and feet! So then I had to hose her shoes off, and they were soaked, meaning she had to go home in bare feet. I then came in the house to find the 3 yr. old crying because the other had used "her" wet wipes to clean her feet. The next thing I knew they were headed outside again, and the 3 yr. old had pullups and wetwipes in her arms. They were hers and no one was getting them!!!! But I did manage to wrestle them away from her and keep them in the house. We then had pizza for lunch (after me being a short order cook the night before). By that time I was ready for parental pickups. I was telling my older daughter (on the phone as her and her dh were on their way to pick up the oldest grand-daughter) about all the happenings and she kindly asked me if I'd like them to bring me a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons. I immediately told her how I like it!

A couple of other crazy things this week was some unexpected chuckles from MaggieMae. The first was when I threw a rotting apple toward the fence in the back of my yard where I have flowers that come back every year. I usually deposit organic stuff there rather than throw it away. Knowing she likes apples, I told her to leave it alone. I came in the house and watched out the door to see what she would do. She did go pick it up and I thought she would then eat it. No, she had other ideas. She took it around the one side of the yard, and went near a lilac bush where there was lots of leaves from last year. She proceeded to dig a hole and bury it, then covered it with the dirt and leaves with her nose! I was standing and watching all this and laughing my head off! I'd never seen a dog (or even heard of one) burying an apple!

Another crazy thing that happened was when I was out filling my finch feeder (along the fence again) one evening, and looked down and saw a mouse foraging a few feet away. So I called MaggieMae over and when she went after it, and where did that little sucker go? Right toward my feet!!! I can tell you I was doing a jig!!! Yuck!! She never did get it but I got out of there right quick! I never did see where it went because it was dusk and I was just hoping it had not gone up my pantleg! (Thankfully it did not!)

One more thing that made me laugh (although not at first) this week that MaggieMae did was to dig near my burn barrel. I think she was after a mouse (hopefully the one that had me dancing) but as she dug, she covered a spot of flowers (cheddar pinks) that I had nearby! So I had to go out and rake the dirt off them, and back into the hole she dug. (I was warned by her previous owner about her propensity to dig.) I did give her a stearn talking to... but dogs and kids seem to have a mind of their own, so I imagine it went in one ear and out the other. Time will tell.

To top it off, I broke a storm window I was cleaning in my kitchen (but have all summer to get it fixed), and yesterday I was refilling my regular bird feeder, and the top came off the container I was pouring it from so the squirrels will have easy feed on the ground, and of course I will let MaggieMae out to chase them from the yard when I see them feasting on it! She loves the chase!

Maybe now things will "calm down"? Oh yeh, I am babysitting 3 grand-daughters tonight... but at their house! So much easier! (But I still love them to no end!)


Sunny said...

Sounds like you had a regular circus there! Thats what keep a person young :)

I would buy Maggie May her own bag of apples just to watch her bury them. Did you want to grow an apple orchard? Ha, ha!

Sue said...

Wow, you have been busy.

Maggie would love to join Bailey working on the big hole in our back yard. Bailey likes to bury her brother's toys in it.

Tina. said...

You can't say anymore that you are bored! Times like those make us thankful for the peace and quiet! Still it sounds like a lot of fun to me!