Thursday, May 14, 2009

Squirrel Chaser (DOT)

Short post today. Have to run out for an oil change in Angel (my minivan). What? You don't name your cars? I didn't used to either till my boss told me she named hers, and started naming mine for me. But this one is my idea..... it's a white van.

Anyway, here you see a picture of MaggieMae's favorite past time in the back yard... treeing squirrels! I am not sure what she would do if she were ever to catch one! I hope I never have to find out. She's thankfully just a little to slow for them to be caught. But I have to give her an A for effort!! She does keep them on the run when she's out there.

She gave me a bit of a scare the other day. I had let her out, and went to check on her later and she was not in the back yard. She'd found an opening (behind the lattice you see in the picture) and got out. When I called her she was standing behind the fence in the side yard, looking at me like, "Why are you in there and I'm out here?" Needless to say I tied the lattice up to the post so she can't escape again. The entire field behind me is supposed to be fenced in by the people who own the kennel back there this year. I hope they get on it soon.

Happy DOT to all you puppies out there!


knittinwolf said...

My big dog chases the squirrels here too, hasn't caught one yet...usually I make a lot of noise before I let her out so they run and hide! My chihuahua just barks at them through the windows...its really funny when the squirrels come and look inside through the french doors, this really drives the cats and dog crazy!:)

Oh, my car is named Bella!:)

Happy DOT!

Sue said...

Dogs certainly are inventive. If there's one little space to squeeze out, they'll find it.

That Tamie Chick said...

Tell Angel that Zippy, BubbleBuddy, and Rico(Suave) say hello, and hope to see you this weekend!!