Thursday, June 11, 2009

(DOT) Max Is Back!

The above picture is my daughter's cat that wandered off last September (Max, aka Maxwell Snugglepuss) and just came back last week. Nine months gone! They had no idea where he'd gone. They found him in their living room last sat. night when they came in from a bonfire they'd had (door was open)! Seems he's a little thinner and a little lighter in color, but it's definitely their Max! I told my daughter "if he could talk!"

Last night on our walk, MaggieMae met a cat for the first time (that I know of, here anyway). One of my neighbors has a beautiful black cat, outdoor cat. We stopped so I could talk to the neighbor, and MaggieMae of course was interested in the cat. She got close enough to "sniff her butt"..... lol. Then the cat kept her at the end of the amount of leash I'd given her. I was glad to see she was not in the same mode as when she sees a rabbit. I was concerned about Maggie Mae going to my daughter's house now with Max back, however with MaggieMae meeting the neighbor's cat successfully, I can now think of taking her to my daughters again, and not worry about her meeting Max. Of course he still has his claws so if she meets him and gets too agressive I am sure he will put her in her place! But I am so glad you are home Max!!


knittinwolf said...

Wow, 9 months...speak kitty speak!!! So glad Max is back! Happy DOT!

Sue said...

Wow, how wonderful that he found his way home again.