Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Improvement

From this:

To this:

My son-in-law came and cut down a small maple (where the stool with the pot of petunias is sitting) and took out the two hedges. Still need to get the stumps ground down as they had roots to China and he couldn't pull them out with his truck, no matter how wet we got the roots. I plan on putting in more flowers there, and a lattice vertically next to the front door to protect the front stoop from winter snows. I was just not tall enought to keep trimming the hedges myself. Did it once last year, and that was enough! I am glad they are out. And it will keep the guys from the town busy when they come around with the chipper/shredder!


Sunny said...

Gee, Sis! Nice refreshing look, more open. Bet it will be even prettier when you get the other flowers in place, and the lattice. Hope you are going to put in perenials so not have to plant every year.

Sue said...

It's fun to change things around now and then.