Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Mighty Hunter (and Happy Dogs on Thursday to all you "hunting dogs").

Well, I had worried needlessly that MaggieMae would get bored because the little critters seemed to be avoiding our yard. Besides the pesky squirrels still coming around when I fill the bird feeder and then running up a tree as she goes after them, and the little chipmunks who taunt her by running back and forth on the other side of the fence in front of her, there are also dumb rabbits around... at least one in particular. It wandered into the fenced area last thursday night and when I let her out for her "last out" for then night it nearly met it's demise!

It was dark out and as I called her to come in, I saw her standing at a distance and could tell she had something white in her mouth. I grabbed my flashlight and she'd come closer to the door by then and I saw she had this same rabbit by the scruff of the neck, it's white belly facing me. I told her "Maggie, let it go." She did! She put it down in front of her, and it started to move and she picked it up again. I repeated, "Maggie, let it go." This time a little more forcefully. She again let it go (to my amazement) and it ran with her chasing after it but it did get away, and through the fence. I think she was quite pleased with herself for being such a mighty hunter... but I did not relish the idea of cleaning her up or a dead rabbit! It was enough the next day I found bits of fur in the yard, and she was trying to eat them! LOL.

The next day I was playing with her with her tug toy (polar bear, thanks again Tina) and we were involved in quite a playful struggle. So I thought I'd try the "let it go" command again... She looked me right in the eye and hung on to it, as if to say, "You can't fool me, this is MY toy!" So it did not work then. One other time I did try it again with a toy, she let it go, and I threw it for her to "go get it" and she just left it lay. I guess it's all up to her when she decides it's important or not... LOL. While I have met some dogs that are sweet but dumb as stumps, she is definitely not one of them! I thank God and the humans again that made it possible for her and I to be together.


Tina. said...

I still can't believe you made her let it go! In our house we would have said dinner, and got out the fry pan, onions and butter! LOL, seriously great job MaggieMae! P.S. Glad she liked the polar bear.

Paula said...

LOL! He loves to find all kinds of critters!

Tobi said...

I have lots of playful struggles at my house as well but I refer to them as Wrestlemania because it's all a big fake show for attention.


Sue said...

Let's hope that rabbit learned his lesson.