Thursday, July 30, 2009


Happy DOT! Got a question for all of you. Here's what brings it up.

We had some excitement here last sat. morning as my daughter came to pick up my grand-daughter from an overnight here. She brought along their two australian cattle dogs, (blue healers) Maggie (long haired one) and Buddy(short haired one). She brought them into the back yard, and I let MaggieMae out to "greet" them. Well, for the most part it was the usual superiority contest, but there were a couple scuffles, fortunately not bad. But at one point I had to put MaggieMae in the house for a "time out" until everyone settled down. (Couldn't resist the picture of her inside at the door!)

They are beautiful dogs, but Buddy's bark is very high pitched and I could not live in the house with that dog! Don't know how my daughter does it! Wow!

In the future "meet and greet" situations will be handled a little differently. My daugher said she heard dogs feel threatened when meeting on a leash, but I talked to my friend who has the kennel here and she makes her dogs sit quietly and calm down when meeting another dog. It seems to work well that way. So I will remember that in the future. Any opinions or suggestions?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog's on Thursday Post... "GRRRRR"

That's how I'm feeling today with my Maggie. I have let her out twice this morning in the rain, and twice she has nailed another Robin (2 different ones). My niece suggested it was because of the rain bringing up the earthworms. They are hunting, and being hunted because of it! Last time she did this this morning I scolded her again. She looked at me like, "what did I do?" I guess I can't blame her as she is doing what dogs do. Just being true to her nature. I am just thankful it's not a Redwing Blackbird or a Cardinal. Not that I have anything against Robins, but they seem to be pretty slow lately! It is just a bit frustrating to me to have to try to keep her from harming the Robins.

Soon my back yard fence (in pictures behind my hollyhocks) will be replaced with a 6 foot chainlink by the people who own the dog kennel behind me. Then this old cattle fence that has so much character but can be a hazard to Maggie will be taken out. It is rusty and falling apart and before I got Maggie I appreciated the fact that it is a good resting place for the birds that visit my feeders. But I may leave a post or two for them. Some of the hollyhocks on the other side of the fence will be cut down when they put the fence up but may grow back next year. They plan on a kind of dog park or training area in the field there. I get enjoyment of watching the dogs run when they let them out at the kennel. They do a pretty good business, and that's where I get Maggie groomed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Daughter's Surprise

Today was a "surprise party" for my youngest daughter organized (?) by her DH. All went well, even with three little ones keeping the "secret". That is until this morning. The oldest got up this morning and proclaimed, "Today is mom's surprise birthday party!" LOL. Well, it was a good effort by all anyway. And I got to play with my new camera. Below is my daughter the photographer in action. You can see her pictures at I am probably her biggest fan (next to her DH) of her photography.
I took a few good ones of my own also, which surprised me. It's nice to have a good camera to work with. I need to learn a lot more about it. I am learning as she has said, people shots are the most difficult. At least now I am getting shots without them moving out of the frame before I snap it! The past couple days I also got pics of my huge white hollyhock and a good one of MaggieMae on the deck

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DOT -- Protector

Does a picture speak a thousand words? My neighbors dogs came to the fence and my grand-daughers walked over (me cautioning not to try to pet them, as one might bite). Because the little dogs were barking at them, MaggieMae immediately went over to the fence, between the fence (and consequently the barking dogs) and my grand-daughters! It's amazing to keep learning new things about this very wonderful dog. The funny part is that when the little dogs first started barking at MaggieMae, she would walk away with her ears back as if to say, "Why are they yelling at me?" Now she stands up for herself, and barks back, and guess what... they walk away! You go Maggie girl!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing With My Camera

A redwing blackbird stopped in today for a bath and a snack. I was sitting on the deck with the camera and decided to try out the zoom. I'd say it did pretty good as this bird bath and feed are about 30 to 35 feet from my deck (approximate).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Camera Just in Time for Dogs on Thursday

I finally figured out how to get Maggie to look at me long enough to get her picture. I focus it then call her and when she looks, I click it! I had just gotten my new camera last evening, and had picked her up about 8 PM from the groomer. This time we went just a bit shorter as it should be getting into warmer weather. She has such a soft undercoat it reminds me of a Biederlack Blanket! Anyway, this picture was taken about 9 PM last night, no flash and very little enhancing. And it is just getting dusk at that time here. I think I am going to like this camera once I really get used to all the technicalities of it! I do need to get an SD card for it, as the memory in the camera allows only about 8 pics on it.

The camera is a FujiFilm FinePix S1500. My brother and sister-in-law have one and I was impressed with theirs. My old one took good pictures, for a point and shoot, but I wanted to try a little moredetail with photography. So we will see what this one does in the future. I know it's going to take time to get used to it an learn all it will do, but so far I love it!

Hope you all have a happy DOT!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bodacious Flowers

I wanted to show off some of my flowers for this summer.
First is my Wonderful White Rose

Next are my So Sweet Williams.

Then my Gazaaam Gazanias.

My first sweet Hollyhock.
My Dreamy Delphiniums.

My Dahling Dahlias.

And my Begorgeous Begonias.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Independence Day to all. Be thankful for the freedoms we still have, while we have them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

(DOT) Tribute to Dogs Gone By

I have had so many dogs throughout my life I wanted this post to be a tribute to them. My first was a puppy I had as a small girl, for a very short time. Her name was Princess. She was a beagle puppy. Unfortunately I believe she only lived a couple months, and died full of worms. (Things were so different with pets back in the early 50's.) This is me with Princess.

When I was a teenager I managed to aquire an AKC harlequin standard poodle who I name appropriately, Cheri Antointette the VI. I had her for a couple years till I went away to school for a year, and my parents did not want to take care of my dog for me, and I had to give her away. She was the cause of my having another standard poodle later in life. I loved the breed.

My next dog was a Purple Ribbon bred UKC Bluetick Coonhound puppy, courtesy of my sister. We named her Pollock's Blue Sparkle. She was a very sweet natured dog who accidentally got "caught" by some male from the neighborhood, and a litter of 16 (YES..... 16!!!) pups ensued! Some did not live and the rest we gave away. That poor girl had a very bad case of fleas, and developed some skin problems with that. I think her end might have been met on the road in front of my house. (My memory is not what it used to be, but I think that was the case.) This is my youngest with Sparkle.

She was followed by my first AKC great dane. His name befitted his stature, Parris of Valhalla. He lived only 5 years and we did have some problems with him as when he was young we had him chained to a cable run (when he was out, not a permanent place at all) and one of the neighbor boys used to come and tease him with a stick. So biting problems did ensue when he was chained out. He was however a great watchdog and a gentle giant with our family. He was also a constant companion on trips in our motorhome. He was buried in a spot behind a the house we were living in at the time. Her again with Parris.

When he died he was replaced by another great dane, a harlequin, paperless but none the less a full breed, whom we named Shana. Shana was a fantastic dog. Very friendly and would lick someone to death rather than ever bite them! She briefly had a silver afghan hound companion (Steele) given to me by my oldest daughter and her friend who was rescued from an SPCA. He also was a sweet temperment. He was a couch cuddler... three weeks later he also met his demise on the road by the house when my ex "accidentally" let him out without being chained. (I was never sure it was a complete accident because we were "on the outs" at the time... I hope it was.) One time the two dogs had chewed up my oldest daughter's favorite stuffed frog, and I told the dogs I did not know which of them had thought of it, but I knew they were both in deep doo doo for doing it! Shana lived to be 8 1/2 yrs old. A good age for a large dog. She gradually got weak and had to be carried outside to do her business. Heartbroken, I made my husband (new one at this point) take her to the SPCA to be put to sleep. I could not go along.

Then along came Andy. My second standard poodle. ACK registered, we named him Sunshine Prince Andrew. He was an apricot color (see pic) and hence the "sunshine" in his name. He only had a problem with biting once, and it was for good cause. When he was a puppy he was having a bout with worms. My husband had been polishing his boots for the next National Guard weekend and Andy had a problem with diahrea because of the worms, so hubby decided to take him outside and wash his butt with the garden hose. Andy turned around and bit him. I chuckled when I heard and told him if he'd done that to me I'd have bitten him too! However we did keep a close eye on that relationship (hubby and dog) because I did not want another biting dog. They did however make peace, and even though Andy became "my dog" after that, he and hubby got along fine. Baths were done by me in the tub or a groomer after that. Andy got sick in 2005 and by Sept. I knew that something had to be done. This time I went when we took him to a vet in PA to be put to sleep. I still could not go in with him, but did have to make that very hard decision. It was his last trip to PA with us. He was 12 1/2 yrs old, and was always a perfect gentleman of a dog. Never chewed (unlike the danes) and was always so sweet a dog. I took his loss very hard. I swore I would never put myself through the loss again, never have another dog. He was survived by my cat Misty (who had been through both Shand and Andy) and I had to deal with losing her this past January.

For all my intentions of not having pets again, enter into the picture, MaggieMae the end of Feb. (See first post on this blog.) But this is a tribute to dogs past. They were all deeply loved.