Thursday, July 30, 2009


Happy DOT! Got a question for all of you. Here's what brings it up.

We had some excitement here last sat. morning as my daughter came to pick up my grand-daughter from an overnight here. She brought along their two australian cattle dogs, (blue healers) Maggie (long haired one) and Buddy(short haired one). She brought them into the back yard, and I let MaggieMae out to "greet" them. Well, for the most part it was the usual superiority contest, but there were a couple scuffles, fortunately not bad. But at one point I had to put MaggieMae in the house for a "time out" until everyone settled down. (Couldn't resist the picture of her inside at the door!)

They are beautiful dogs, but Buddy's bark is very high pitched and I could not live in the house with that dog! Don't know how my daughter does it! Wow!

In the future "meet and greet" situations will be handled a little differently. My daugher said she heard dogs feel threatened when meeting on a leash, but I talked to my friend who has the kennel here and she makes her dogs sit quietly and calm down when meeting another dog. It seems to work well that way. So I will remember that in the future. Any opinions or suggestions?


Tina. said...

Since the two "invaded" Maggie's territory and again this is an assumuption that Maggie was acting a little territorial, a different approach might be taking her outside on a leash and meeting them out on the street in front of your house instead of in the house or in "her" yard.

Rose said...

Very good point. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

Sue said...

We always make them meet on neutral territory. Our back yard is the dog's place. If we have a dog guest they meet in the front yard where my dogs don't feel they have to protect their place. It works for us.

Sunny said...

Wonder if that works for children??