Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog's on Thursday Post... "GRRRRR"

That's how I'm feeling today with my Maggie. I have let her out twice this morning in the rain, and twice she has nailed another Robin (2 different ones). My niece suggested it was because of the rain bringing up the earthworms. They are hunting, and being hunted because of it! Last time she did this this morning I scolded her again. She looked at me like, "what did I do?" I guess I can't blame her as she is doing what dogs do. Just being true to her nature. I am just thankful it's not a Redwing Blackbird or a Cardinal. Not that I have anything against Robins, but they seem to be pretty slow lately! It is just a bit frustrating to me to have to try to keep her from harming the Robins.

Soon my back yard fence (in pictures behind my hollyhocks) will be replaced with a 6 foot chainlink by the people who own the dog kennel behind me. Then this old cattle fence that has so much character but can be a hazard to Maggie will be taken out. It is rusty and falling apart and before I got Maggie I appreciated the fact that it is a good resting place for the birds that visit my feeders. But I may leave a post or two for them. Some of the hollyhocks on the other side of the fence will be cut down when they put the fence up but may grow back next year. They plan on a kind of dog park or training area in the field there. I get enjoyment of watching the dogs run when they let them out at the kennel. They do a pretty good business, and that's where I get Maggie groomed.


Sue said...

Your hollyhocks are beautiful. I've always loved them. Perhaps the robins were young ones that hadn't learned to watch while they eat.

fiberdoodles said...

Your flowers are so pretty! I'm sure the robins will learn pretty quickly that that is Maggie's yard ;)

Happy DOT,

Sunny said...

OOOhh! Your hollyhocks are bee-utiful!!!