Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Daughter's Surprise

Today was a "surprise party" for my youngest daughter organized (?) by her DH. All went well, even with three little ones keeping the "secret". That is until this morning. The oldest got up this morning and proclaimed, "Today is mom's surprise birthday party!" LOL. Well, it was a good effort by all anyway. And I got to play with my new camera. Below is my daughter the photographer in action. You can see her pictures at I am probably her biggest fan (next to her DH) of her photography.
I took a few good ones of my own also, which surprised me. It's nice to have a good camera to work with. I need to learn a lot more about it. I am learning as she has said, people shots are the most difficult. At least now I am getting shots without them moving out of the frame before I snap it! The past couple days I also got pics of my huge white hollyhock and a good one of MaggieMae on the deck


~GweN~ said...

Wow...seems as though you are catching on to the whole picture taking thing to me. Wonderful work ;)

Sunny said...

Looks like you are having fun with your camera! Nice to have a good one!

Sue said...

Maggie seems to be enjoying the sunshine.