Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dogs on Thursday--Just Waiting

Wednesday morning the rain finally ended, and MaggieMae spent most of the day outside. Even though the yard is fenced, I still check up on her periodically to see what she's doing. At times she might be laying in the sun napping, or making her rounds around the yard. When I took these pictures, she was just sitting in the corner of the yard waiting. I think there must have been a bird or squirrel up the tree. She often sits under one for a long time if there was something she saw or heard up there. When I first looked out in the morning this is what I saw:
I took that picture from inside the house. When I went out she changed her position. She's really camera shy! Not at all co-operative if she sees me with the camera!
I am starting to hate taking her for an evening walk, since there are way too many distracting rabbits around! However, we did get in a good half hour walk on wed. morning also. I am posting this on wed. night because thurs. morning I am taking a friend for a doctor's appt. So MaggieMae's morning walk will have to wait too.
So we bid a Happy Dogs on Thursday to all the wonderful dogs out there who are "not" camera shy!


Tina. said...

Great pics! She looks so much bigger out there!

Sue said...

My Tess is camera shy. I have fewer pictures of her than any of the others even though she's the prettiest one of the pack.