Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love My New Camera!

Last night I went to my daughter's house and decided before I left to take my camera with me. I did not tell her I had it. I ate supper with them, and afterwords she said she would love to go to Fort Niagara and take pictures. I said, "Great, I brought my camera!" We had a very enjoyable time and I am even more impressed with the camera.

The grandkids obviously had great fun, and want to go back soon.

I got a great shot of the sun setting.

There were sailboats out on the lake.

And most amazing to me was that it took this shot on full zoom of Toronto Canada,which is about 40 miles directly across the lake!


Kim said...

Love the pics!!

Rosemary Ball said...

This picture is really nice. What kind of camera?