Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, my time at my occupation has come to an end. At least at the store I was working at. It is in it's final days (one or two left?) and I have cleaned out my stuff and had the good fortune to be able to buy a piece of equipment that I can use here to continue in my work at home. So what does that mean to me? I have worked most of my life with a few years exceptions when my kids were small, but after they were both in school I started up again in the work industry.

I do have mixed feelings about it all. I've only been working part time for the last several years, but it still feels a little strange that the days ahead are now a blank page to write on. (Kind of like doing a blog post....what will it be?) In some ways it feels freeing, but in others, a kind of loss. Another chapter of my life coming to a close. But that only means a new one may be about to open. I just have to trust God to lead me in the direction He has for me. Life is all about change. There have been many for me in recent years. I know there are more to come. I have a close friend who will be moving away next year sometime, back to her home state. :'( Well, I need to look at that as another place for a vacation to take in the future. Anyway, in the meantime, I will be making a trip this month to PA to visit with a wonderful aunt who is coming there from FL for her class reunion. In September I plan on a trip that didn't happen last year to see my sister in KY. So for the immediate future I would like to learn to accept and relax with my new status in life (retired or semi-retired). After my immediate travel plans are completed, I do intend to finally look into the classes for MaggieMae and I to learn about her becoming a therapy dog. We will have had 7 months of bonding at that point. Depending on when we can start classes. I can say she's my girl now... we are totally bonded with each other. (As I write she is sitting at my left side hoping to get my last bite of bagel with cream cheese!) And of course, she will get it. :-) When I am done with this post we will head out on our morning walk. The day ahead includes getting my grass cut and taking my van in for an oil change. Exciting? No, but still I will remember, "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

And here is my girl MaggieMae, my companion, my friend.


Tina. said...

Great Post! I have heard people often explain that they are actually busier during retirement then when they had an occupation. I think you are going to find with your new adventures you are too! Have a great day, Auntie!

Sue said...

We wish you good things in your new status.I'll bet you find so many things to do with your time that you wonder how you ever had time to work.

My Tsar always get the last bite of my bagel and cream cheese, too. Don't try offering him toast with butter, he'll just walk away.

Please keep us posted on Maggie's road to being a therapy dog.

Sunny said...

Very well put, Sis! Each day is a gift from God, that is why it is called the "present".