Monday, August 17, 2009

Day at the Zoo

I went with my daughter and her family to the Buffalo Zoo on this past Sat. It was a very hot day and even the animals seemed to feel it. The first two pictures are for my sister, because she said these are her favorite animals at a zoo.

And of course, since it was the Buffalo Zoo:

I found this little guy kind of cute.
And I'm not sure if this one had a headache or thought he should have had a V-8!

Isn't the anteater just lovely? I could use him at my house!

This big hunk of a guy (?) was just trying to keep cool.

And this one looks like I used to in my young and stupid days when I would "tie one on" at the bars and come home and hug the porcelain queen! (So glad I've wised up and those days are long gone!)


Tina. said...

My vote is "I should have had a v8! Nice pics! And brave of you to go inspite of the heat!

Sunny said...

Wow! I love your pics.... and the comments. That last one is a hoot!