Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fencing Nearly Completed

Hello DOT readers. Great news for MaggieMae this week. Well first of all good news for me. My son-in-law put up new sensor floodlights for me in the back. Now I can see MM as she runs the yard at night!! What a difference from the single 60 watt light that was originally there!
Secondly for MM, soon I won't have to worry about her getting tangled in the old fencing that is (was) the only barrier at the back of my yard. You can see in these next two pictures the 6' chain link that finally got put up, in the process of fencing the entire field behind me. In the background the kennel. The owners are wonderful people who board dogs and she also grooms them (MM's groomer). (He bathes, she grooms.) So very nice to have them in the neighborhood!

If you click on this picture you can see where he is still working on the last side of the field, some of the posts in, and rolls of chain link waiting to be put up. He had a lot of brush to clear and did most of that work himself. (Ah to be young again!) They have plans of eventually putting trees in and paths. A dog park atmosphere... although I do not know for sure if people will be able to come with their dogs or if it will be for kennel owners only. I need to ask.
In this picture you can see the old cattle fence with the barbed wire, and why I am anxious for it to come out of there. Before I got MM I thought the fence had character... which it did, but perspective does change when there is a precious pet involved! My son-in-law will help with that, or the guy from the kennel. Might be a joint effort.

MM actually sat still for a picture in the back corner of our yard. She's looking at the field as if to say, "I can see it now! Lots of dogs to say hello to!"

My brother in AZ will be happy when he opens the box I sent to him yesterday with this in it. He plans on using it for decoration on a fencepost or something on his "ranch" (although not a big there.


Sunny said...

Nice to have the fencing complete I am sure, especially in a populated area.
The present for Ron gave me a chuckle. I have ALOT I could send him.
Way to go, Sis!

PS. Like your background ;-)

dogquilter said...

The fencing does cut down on a lot of worries and the lighting is wonderful too!

Sue said...

It looks like she approves of the new additions to her yard.