Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet Otis (Dogs On Thursday)

Good morning all you DOT readers. A couple weeks ago MaggieMae and I visited my sister-in-law in PA for 5 days. I got to visit with some relatives I had not seen in quite a while. MaggieMae was quite well behaved even when Otis came to visit. He belongs to my nephew. He's a cute little guy but he was very intimidated by MaggieMae's size I think. He kept hiding from her and she only wanted to be friendly.

This picture was a rare moment when he was out in the open.

Here he is checking out MaggieMae's bed.

She decided to get her attention from humans when she got nowhere with Otis.

Anyway, we had a very nice visit.


Marjie said...

That's quite a bed Maggie May has there. Do Otis' humans realize that he wants one like it?

Rose said...

Hmmm, not sure, but I could mention it to them. And the bonus was, the bed came with MaggieMae when I got her!