Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vet Update

Took MaggieMae into the vet for kennel cough shot for when I go away in a few weeks, and also got her continuing package of Interceptor. The attendant came out and asked if I'd had her on a diet, and I told her we'd been walking and she runs everytime she goes out into the yard. She's lost 7 lbs. since her last visit!! I'm just wondering why I haven't lost any??? Oh, I guess cause I don't run the yard like her! Bad knee won't let me!! But the weight loss for her is not bad, as she has definitely firmed up also. She's a leaner trimmer fitter dog now. Looking good!!

One additional note... Happy birthday to MaggieMae on 9-1-09. She is now 5 yrs. old!!

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Tina. said...

Happy Birthday MaggieMae! Maybe I should be throwing the pawty for 3 pups! Course your mom would have to bring you down!