Thursday, October 8, 2009

DOT Apology

I am sorry, I have no pictures to post today. I was on vacation for the last two thursdays. I went to visit my sister in KY. (See previous post.) I have been tired since returning and have not taken any pictures of MaggieMae since getting home. She was happy to see me when I picked her up from the kennel. They told me she did quite well. She was fine when playing with calmer dogs, but not with ones who were excitable, because then she would also be excited. And that led to too much "rucus". She did eat well, which was a concern of mine as my last dog would not eat when we went away. She was groomed while there, which I'd asked for.

Her reaction to coming home was to run the back yard as if she were set free in it for the first time! Inside she got on the trunk to see what she'd been missing out the front window. I tried to get her to sit on the recliner or the couch with me but she would have none of that. Well her "mood" has passed and now in the house she is my "shadow" once again. Dogs! Gotta love them!!

Oh, and last night she caught another rabbit while I was taking the garbage out. I got her to let it go and dragged her into the house by her collar. I took her out later on her leash for her to do her "business" but she was too excited sniffing all over... so she just had to wait till this morning... and rabbit found a way out of the yard fortunately!

It was a good vacation, and I will definitely try to go back, but it is good to be home!


Sue said...

It sounds like she vas very happy to get home and make sure everything was where it belonged. I wish those rabbits would learn to stay outside fenced areas. We have quite a problem with them, too.

Tina. said...

You didn't need pictures! Your words were quite descriptive! But we will be glad to see new pics next week!LoL! Just because she is so darn cute!