Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Leafy DOT to You All

Hi fellow dogs on thursday. MaggieMae here. You won't believe what I stepped into in my back yard this morning. Uh, no not that, I'm careful. Although with all those leaves on the ground now I might do that accidentally! But my beautiful green yard has turned yellow! Then I heard a rustling under the leaves, so I went to investigate.

Was it here?

Hmm... maybe here?

Ooh! Ooh! Is that it?

Darn it! Where did it go?

Sure seems like it should be here somewhere!

I guess I'll just sit here and wait till it shows itself! Boy mom sure has a lot of work ahead of her! And from the looks of those trees, there's more to come!


knittinwolf said...

Great post! Wow that's a lot of least your leaves change colors! Pretty!

Cat said...

Tell your mom not to rake until they all fall down, ok?!

Janet said...

MaggieMae, you look so patient waiting on the deck. I hope you found out what made that rustling noise.

Sue said...

My dogs love to chase the leaves as they fall and roll in them on the ground.

Sunny said...

Go get it, Maggie Mae! Don't give up!

Tina. said...

Lots of fun to play in the leaves says HoneyDew and Sampson! Have fun cleaning them up Aunt Rose.