Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Fence is Finally Out!

Hooray!! The old fence is finally out! My son-in-law came on monday and started ripping out the old fence. He also tied my fence into the kennel fence. We got about half the old fence out then and I was feeling it that night. The fence had so much root and grass around the base and was so old and rusty that it was a struggle pulling it out of the ground in places. He cautioned me to be careful if it suddenly let go, I might end up on my derriere... which I almost did at one point. Anyway, yesterday morning I went out and got the rest of the fence out by myself. A few of the old posts would not come out. (They can wait till later.) One I tried to get out broke off above ground (about an inch) and I had to ask my neighbor if he had a sledge hammer. He came and pounded it down into the ground for me so Maggie won't cut her feet on it, and I covered that spot with a lot of dirt. He said I should have asked his help ripping the rest of the fence out, but I told him I needed to "keep active". I believe if you keep active it's better for you. So I do what I am capable of doing and ask for help with things I can't do. This I could do!

So the following are pictures of the old fence out at the curb for garbage pickup, the new storage area for my lawn roller and wheelbarrow (with neighbors stuff beyond my fence) and a few pics of MaggieMae hunting mice along the kennel fence, in the grassy area where they like to hide. Incidentally, she got caught and killed two field mice this week! (They got cremated with my branches I cleaned up and burned.) She is a very happy Dog on this Thursday!


knittinwolf said...

Maggie Mae looks like she's having fun!

Sunny said...

Doesn't it feel good when you have accomplished your goal? Now Maggie May will be safe and you can relax!

Susan said...

Hi Rose! Thanks for dropping by and signing my guest book and telling me you were Sunny's sister. Hope you'll visit often and leave a comment so I'll know you were there.

I agree with keeping active and not just sitting down!!! Gotta do it.

Sue said...

The new fence looks nice. I'm sure MaggieMae appreciates it.

dogquilter said...

It looks like a lot of work but the finished product looks good :)