Monday, November 2, 2009


As I said, I do not celebrate Halloween, but I do attend with my grandkids because they dress up and I do go when they trick or treat. In view of the dangers for children out there these days, the more adults along the better. It is amazing who you might meet at one of these events! (My oldest grand daughter about scared me when she first put this costume on!)

The next gang is my three other grand daughters, and my daughter (wearing at least a 25 yr. old Christmas costume that I had made when I did dress up oh so long ago). The grandkids were a cheerleading coach, Dorothy and a kitty.

Even the Easter Bunny put in an out of season appearance!

This guy (or gal?) could give someone nightmares for sure!

And then there were two doctors who came obviously straight from the operating room!
Paul Bunyan showed up for the trick or treating. (Son-in-law.)
Then I happened to see two four legged critters maybe hoping to get in on the treats?

And the Man in the Moon also put in an early night time appearance. Almost full too... must have been eating his candy as he got it!
I hope you all had a safe Halloween weekend!


Tina. said...

Aw nice pictures and S would have scared me too! M,L,and K are really cuties and look like they were having a great time. I love the picture of the fourlegged trick or treaters, what fun!

Charli and me said...

Hi Rose, It looks like you had a fun Halloween! I like how some of the costumes have been passed down. Our grandchild only beg on they're street now. Like you say it's dangerous. We have several family parties so in the end I don't think they are missing to much. I also love those little dogs! Charli always dresses up.

Sunny said...

Very good pics, funny too! Glad all went well. Did the grands share their candy with you??