Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy DOT~~ Let's Have Some Squirrel Fun!

One of Maggie's very favorite past times is chasing anything that enters our (her) yard. The other day I noticed she was looking up into the tree directly behind the deck. So I grabbed my camera, and saw these two up there. The one on the right stayed absolutely stock still, and I'm not ever sure she saw it.

This one was the one on the left and it was quite active. I could tell it was gauging it's chances of escape by the way it kept running around the tree (wish I'd have gotten a video) and was up and down and back again around the branches. Maggie of course kept egging it on by barking at it.

It finally made a run for it and climbed another tree and escaped over my neighbor's shed roof, with Maggie voicing her dismay about it's escape!

She then sat waiting for it to return, which it had the smarts not to do.

All the while this guy remained stationary the whole time, and probably did not even come down till she headed into the house!

We hope all you pups and owners have a very happy Dogs on Thursday!


Tina. said...

Nice shots! I especially like the second from the last! Way to go MaggieMae, and don't worry, you will get 'em next time!

knittinwolf said...

Yeah, MaggieMae, you go girl keep'm tree'd!:)

Nichole said...

Sounds just like our (their) yard/house... lol

Janet said...

Good for you, MaggieMae! Sydney likes a squirrel free yard too. It's a big job.