Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Motorcycle Ride~~ Whoohoo!

I have always had a love for motorcycle riding. I think I came by it honestly as my dad had owned two Indian motorcycles before I was born. My earliest memory of riding was behind my older brother as a teenager, as he rode with his future brother-in-law. Back then there were no helmet laws (50's-60's) and I had long hair and had to put a scarf over it to keep it from getting tangled in the wind. But oh how I loved the ride!!

Basically all my life I had to ask someone to "take me for a ride on your motorcycle". That is until I turned 34. That was the year I went crazy! I got my hair cut short (fit into a helmet better), got my ears pierced, and bought my first motorcycle! Then I asked a guy I knew who'd taken me for rides to teach me how to ride... I put 22,000 miles on my first motorcycle in 3 years. It was a 440cc Kawasaki. In 1985 I traded it in (paid for) for a 1985 Kawasaki 700(cc) LTD. I've had that one ever since. It's a wonderful bike, with a shaft drive (no chain to oil) and long ago paid for and doesn't owe me a thing! Here I am at 61 and I find it hard to believe I've been riding for 27 years now! I have a lifetime membership in the American Motorcyclist Association, which I have belonged to also for 27 years, and that came when I'd been a member for 25 years.

My late husband also rode and we had many good rides together. Now it is sometimes difficult going out by myself even though I was riding before I met him. But days like today, after I had gotten more leaves cleaned up from my back yard, and it was in the middle 60's temperature, I said, "I gotta do it!" So I grabbed the following items, essential for a ride... A pair of sunglasses (which I forgot to get a picture of, but I think you know what they look like...).

Gloves and bike keys.

Good boots for riding.

My fullface helmet, leather jacket, cellphone for emergencies, wallet with drivers license (which I have had M class for motorcycles since I took my first motorcycle driving test and passed), and some cash for gas.

Next of course was The Bike! I had the tank painted some years ago to suit me, with roses of course! And a cross on the tank as well.

I keep my bike insurance coverage year round just in case we get a day like today. In fact when I started riding in 1982, it was 70 degrees on Christmas Day and New Years Day, both! And did I ride? Of course I did!! There were times when I was younger I had a snowmobile suit and rode at 32 degrees if the roads were clear. Well, age has slowed down that but so thankful for days like today, when 60+ degrees gets my desire up again!! I just hope I can keep riding for a few more years, Lord willing.


Sunny said...

You go Girl!! Whoohoo!I am sure brother Russ would be cheering you on. Maybe he is up there riding on the King's highway,do you suppose??

Rose said...

:-)... Yepper!

Charli and me said...

How wonderful Rose! I always say follow your dreams. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Things are never the same when we lose someone we love but like you say, we can still find a way to have joy doing things we used to do together.

Sue said...

Have fun!!!

That Tamie Chick said...

LOL! I remember when you were riding during the holiday season in '82, you got sunburnt ( sunburned?) on the tops of your hands! Goodness, if we could have that weather again this year!!
Good to see you this evening!! love you!