Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rainy DOT

Remember how when you were a kid, and it was a rainy day and you couldn't go out to play?
Well, I think dogs go through the same feelings. MaggieMae was barking at me to go out and I told her it was raining. I told her to look out the window and see... So she did.

Then she still wanted to go out, but when I opened the back door to let her out, she sniffed, saw the rain, and turned around and decided not to! I said, "I told you so!" So I told her to go play with her toys.
I hope you all have a great DOT, rain or snow or sun.


Tina. said...

LOLOLOLOL, too funny! Very cute post and love the pictures! Keep them coming!

Sunny said...

Echo Tina's comment.Very nice post!

dogquilter said...

That's exactly what happens around here too!! Funny how the rain can make even the toughest pup a real wimp!!

Pooch said...

Well, Maggie Mae is a very obedient doggie. :) Looks like she's having fun!

Serendipity said...

Oh yes they certainly do! Mine would go around with a moping look whenever it rains.

Charli and me said...

Oh Maggie Mae Charli is the same way. She refuses to go out if it'z raining. You sure are a cute little pooch ♥ Charli says she wishes she could come over and play with you :>)