Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Good Dogs Go Bad (Or Get Bored?)

Tuesday morning I had a routine fasting blood test to get done, my appointment was at 8:20 AM. As I usually do, I decided to go for breakfast after the test. So I went to the local Denny's and enjoyed my breakfast. Then I returned home to find this had happened!

First sight I saw entering from the front door:

On my way to the kitchen:

The entering the laundry room to get the broom:
Something tells me while I was enjoying my breakfast at Denny's, MaggieMae had been enjoying her own smorgasbord from the garbage bag that I stupidly left partially open in the laundry room!! Ok, I learned my lesson there.
However seems the little lady has been quite bored since we haven't been walking in the cold and bitter weather! After returning from my daughter's house this evening, I found a pin cushion on the living room floor, stolen from my sewing room!! I doubt she hurt herself on it or even played with it much as it was full of needles and thread! I did only find one thread on the floor near where I found the pin cushion. I am sure she is fine tonight, which is more than I can say for her reaction after her garbage meal! She laid around most of the day and in the evening she was laying on the floor near me quietly "moaning". So I let her outside, "just in case". She promptly ran the entire length of the yard several times. So ok, was she faking it for attention? I guess she really had a belly full because she had not eaten her entire bowl of evening food, and did drink more water than usual that day. Also she wasn't playing with her toys as much. But please don't be concerned as she is back to normal again.
I have come to the conclusion we need to take an occasional walk again, whether it be short ones, and maybe not as frequent as in good weather. And maybe I need to accompany her to the back yard for some play, even if it's just getting her to elude me with a stick in her mouth and she may think I'm chasing her for it!
(Incidentally, the poor Santa on the floor among the smorgasbord mess is the newest one I got from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It has not been totally destroyed, just missing some greenery which was glued to the front of it. It now sits on a higher shelf awaiting being put away till next year.)
I hope you Dogs on Thursday are being good and take MaggieMae's lesson to heart. Not worth getting sick over is it? Or is it???

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

My Christmas day was pretty quiet. Spent time Christmas eve and day baking.

No big tree, so I piled the gifts on the floor near the tv.

The family came the day after Christmas for the afternoon. I love them all being here.

And a good time was had by all...

Angels go with Christmas, right?
I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve DOT ~ Just MaggieMae

MaggieMae, as I have said before is "camera shy" and rarely do I get to take a good picture of her. Usually I see her in a good "picture" but when I turn the camera on she does hear it, then moves from whatever position she was in. So today what you see is what I get.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Dot ~ MaggieMae's New Shirt

Recently I 'd ordered a couple "sweaters" for MaggieMae from the Doctor's Foster and Smith catalog. They came last week. Unfortunately this one, even though the size measurements for the large were hers, did not fit. Poor girl really hated me trying to get this on her. Too bad, as I thought it would be pretty with her black/silver fur! But I guess I'll have to send it back, as I don't know any dogs that it might fit.

However this one was more stretchy and and X-largem so we are keeping it, much to MaggieMae's dismay as you can see here she is complaining to me about it!

She is so camera shy, she kept right close to me as I was trying to get pictures of her in it. Finally she moved aside a bit.

Then she headed to her "spot" to look out the window and I managed to get a quick one before she jumped down and started complaining to me again!

I'd always said I'd never "dress up my dog" but I have to admit, she looks rather cute in this! It will be good for when the weather is decent enough to walk again. I have to be careful with the snow and possible slippery spots because of a bad knee. I don't need to slip and fall!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Six ~ Outside Lights

Now to the outside decorations. this shows the front of my house, with the icicle lights, a story in itself. No I did not intentionally want blue and white icicle lights. Last year my daughter and son-in-law put the lights up for me, which were originally all blue, old style icicles. They did not check to see if they all worked and two did not. (I have them on a timer that comes on at dusk.) So I went and bought two strings to replace them not realizing the new ones were LED lights. When they put them up to replace the ones that were out, they were much brighter than the old style. So okay, I went back to Big Lots where I got them and got 3 more strings (takes 5 to make the entire front of my house), but they did not get put up last year and stayed in the boxes. I thought I'd just have them all matching this year. When they came to put them up this year, my daughter noticed the older ones (older LED) looked different than the new ones. So just in case we alternated them with the newer unused on the ends and in the middle. You can see the result! I never knew the LED lights would fade! I think next year I will start all over with 5 strands bought at the same time beginning of the season.... and all white!!

This is my newest addtion to my outside lights. I'd seen the horse and carriage (also a horse and buckboard) in other people's lawns and had always liked them better than any other outside lighted decorations. I was in Walgreens the other day and picked this up for $20! I was so happy!! It should look nice with WHITE icicle lights next year!
And my little garden flag.

Have you had any amusing problems with outside decorations, other than all the uninflated inflatables I see everywhere? I have never seen so many Santas flat on their faces as this year!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Five ~ The Nativity

My favorite part (and the most important part) of my inside decorations is this nativity scene. I have had it for many many years. Exactly how long I cannot remember. I add the angels to it every time I put it out, as they were most likely very much a part of the "original" nativity scene over 2,000 years ago. Sometimes I wonder if Joseph and Mary saw them around when she gave birth to the Son of God. Can you imagine how awesome that night must have been? The long awaited prophecy fulfilled!!

Some say Jesus was most likely not born in December. To me it is just that we do celebrate his birth. And that is a lot to celebrate! If He had not been born into human flesh, we would still need the sacrifices of live animals for our sins. How awesome that the Creator of the entire Universe would think so highly of us to become flesh, and live as we live; die as we die; then rose again so that we might also! It sometimes takes my breath away to think of it!

So don't forget to wish others a "Merry Christmas"! And have one yourself!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Four ~ The Little Village

I have a small village which I put up every year. It isn't much, really maybe just a "street". I'd love to have more, but don't really have room for it. This sits on top of my Hammond organ which no longer works and I'd like to replace it with a table. Tonight my my three grand daughters were here while their mom shopped for them. The older one at one point was peering into the windows. It made me smile. (I've done the same myself.)

The aquiring of the church was kind of amusing to me. It all started because at a church Christmas party we had a gift exchange in which one could take someone else's gift if we wished, when it was our turn. A friend of mine had gotten a lighted church, as did I at one point, but neither of us ended up with it. The pastor's wife and sister-in-law had another exactly like it sitting there and when all was said and done and people were leaving, they decided I should have it. They had no idea I'd wanted it for my friend who also wanted it. So then I decided to wrap it and leave it on the doorstep of my friend. She did find it later that day and was totally thrilled. After dropping it off I decided to go to JoAnn's Fabrics and while there I saw another (the one in the picture) for 75% off the sale price! Well, when I got to the checkout it cost me all of $5.00!! I went home smiling, even though the nativity that should have been on the side was missing. So I searched for one small enough to fit it, without much luck. I thought, "Of course, Christmas season, and I couldn't find Jesus!" However the following year, I did find one small enough to sit next to the church. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you might be able to see it.

Do any of you have a Christmas village?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Three ~ Up Close

Another day of sharing my Christmas decorations with you. First is the obligatory (silk) Poinsetta, which stands in my entryway.

Also in the entryway is the two year old birdhouse.

New addition last year was this cute little sign with all the names of my grandchildren! I love it!

Then I have two of these adorable pillows which I almost forgot to put on my couch. (Getting old, remember?)

And every year I throw some more silk type flowers in this tall basket (interchangeable for the seasons). I think this little guy (or girl?) is so adorable.

Standing guard in my front window are these two angels which my daughter Wendy gave me last year. I leave them out year round on a stand in the living room.
More tomorrow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Two ~ Santas

Through the years my kids have bought me Santa Dolls for Christmas. I have accumulated quite a collection. I finally had to tell them "enough"! So now it seems they think I need angels. Oh well. This is my collection of Santa's with a new Angel Doll on the top left. I have another angel someplace in the house which is about maybe 30" tall, but I have to remember where I put it.

Close up, the one on the right was a kit that I made the Santa from, gift from my daughter Wendy.

Here the new Angel Doll, and a Mr. and Mrs. Santa (I think from daughter Kim).

Here's where the memory of who gave me which starts to fade. I did buy the white one, back right, for myself.

The crocheted Mr. and Mrs. Santa were made by an aunt of mine which I got after my mom had passed away, as they were a gift for her from my aunt.

Right side of this picture is the crocheted Santa that my aunt had made for me which started this whole collection!

And finally another one of my own purchases (I think, although memory is not what it used to be). I had to get him a gold chair to sit on. I was wondering when I put him out this year if MaggieMae would bother him. She's been good and has left him alone, thankfully!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air~Part One

Since I am older now I choose to decorate, just for me. I used to have a big tree in my living room. I have passed that on to my daughter. Now I have a small one in my living room on an end table.

And a fiber optic one on my kitchen table.

Candles on the coffee table.

And lights in most of my windows. Front window, living room.

Side window, living room. (These lights are off the window sill in the middle to prevent MaggieMae from putting her paws on them and knocking them down when she looks out this window!)

Kitchen window.

There are also lights in my bathroom and bedroom windows. And icicle lights outside. Next post will be other decorations.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beautiful Bluejays

I managed to catch this guy at the feeder this morning before I let MaggieMae outside to scare him away. Some people don't like jays because they are noisey, but I think they are beautiful!