Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Five ~ The Nativity

My favorite part (and the most important part) of my inside decorations is this nativity scene. I have had it for many many years. Exactly how long I cannot remember. I add the angels to it every time I put it out, as they were most likely very much a part of the "original" nativity scene over 2,000 years ago. Sometimes I wonder if Joseph and Mary saw them around when she gave birth to the Son of God. Can you imagine how awesome that night must have been? The long awaited prophecy fulfilled!!

Some say Jesus was most likely not born in December. To me it is just that we do celebrate his birth. And that is a lot to celebrate! If He had not been born into human flesh, we would still need the sacrifices of live animals for our sins. How awesome that the Creator of the entire Universe would think so highly of us to become flesh, and live as we live; die as we die; then rose again so that we might also! It sometimes takes my breath away to think of it!

So don't forget to wish others a "Merry Christmas"! And have one yourself!!

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