Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Six ~ Outside Lights

Now to the outside decorations. this shows the front of my house, with the icicle lights, a story in itself. No I did not intentionally want blue and white icicle lights. Last year my daughter and son-in-law put the lights up for me, which were originally all blue, old style icicles. They did not check to see if they all worked and two did not. (I have them on a timer that comes on at dusk.) So I went and bought two strings to replace them not realizing the new ones were LED lights. When they put them up to replace the ones that were out, they were much brighter than the old style. So okay, I went back to Big Lots where I got them and got 3 more strings (takes 5 to make the entire front of my house), but they did not get put up last year and stayed in the boxes. I thought I'd just have them all matching this year. When they came to put them up this year, my daughter noticed the older ones (older LED) looked different than the new ones. So just in case we alternated them with the newer unused on the ends and in the middle. You can see the result! I never knew the LED lights would fade! I think next year I will start all over with 5 strands bought at the same time beginning of the season.... and all white!!

This is my newest addtion to my outside lights. I'd seen the horse and carriage (also a horse and buckboard) in other people's lawns and had always liked them better than any other outside lighted decorations. I was in Walgreens the other day and picked this up for $20! I was so happy!! It should look nice with WHITE icicle lights next year!
And my little garden flag.

Have you had any amusing problems with outside decorations, other than all the uninflated inflatables I see everywhere? I have never seen so many Santas flat on their faces as this year!!


Sunny said...

Like your outside decorations, Sis. Very nice! I dont think mine will get put up this year I have a new puppy to train!

Sue said...

I didn't know they faded either. Thanks for warning us.