Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air ~ Part Two ~ Santas

Through the years my kids have bought me Santa Dolls for Christmas. I have accumulated quite a collection. I finally had to tell them "enough"! So now it seems they think I need angels. Oh well. This is my collection of Santa's with a new Angel Doll on the top left. I have another angel someplace in the house which is about maybe 30" tall, but I have to remember where I put it.

Close up, the one on the right was a kit that I made the Santa from, gift from my daughter Wendy.

Here the new Angel Doll, and a Mr. and Mrs. Santa (I think from daughter Kim).

Here's where the memory of who gave me which starts to fade. I did buy the white one, back right, for myself.

The crocheted Mr. and Mrs. Santa were made by an aunt of mine which I got after my mom had passed away, as they were a gift for her from my aunt.

Right side of this picture is the crocheted Santa that my aunt had made for me which started this whole collection!

And finally another one of my own purchases (I think, although memory is not what it used to be). I had to get him a gold chair to sit on. I was wondering when I put him out this year if MaggieMae would bother him. She's been good and has left him alone, thankfully!


Charli and me said...

Good afternoon Rose, You have quite an awesome colection. They are all special and different in their own way. I love them all and your angel too ♥

Sue said...

I love all your Santas. I thought of collecting them at one time and I have a few, but it never turned into a very extensive collection.