Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Is In The Air~Part One

Since I am older now I choose to decorate, just for me. I used to have a big tree in my living room. I have passed that on to my daughter. Now I have a small one in my living room on an end table.

And a fiber optic one on my kitchen table.

Candles on the coffee table.

And lights in most of my windows. Front window, living room.

Side window, living room. (These lights are off the window sill in the middle to prevent MaggieMae from putting her paws on them and knocking them down when she looks out this window!)

Kitchen window.

There are also lights in my bathroom and bedroom windows. And icicle lights outside. Next post will be other decorations.


Tina. said...

Looks very festive! Wanna come and do my house?!?

Charli and me said...

Your decorations are just beautiful! I'm like you. I will always decorate. Your trees are so pretty. I love the Christmas season. There is magic and joy everywhere just waiting to be found :>)

Sue said...

Oh everything looks so festive. What fun to sit there amidst all the lights and sip a hot chocolate. Wish I could drop in.