Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Dot ~ MaggieMae's New Shirt

Recently I 'd ordered a couple "sweaters" for MaggieMae from the Doctor's Foster and Smith catalog. They came last week. Unfortunately this one, even though the size measurements for the large were hers, did not fit. Poor girl really hated me trying to get this on her. Too bad, as I thought it would be pretty with her black/silver fur! But I guess I'll have to send it back, as I don't know any dogs that it might fit.

However this one was more stretchy and and X-largem so we are keeping it, much to MaggieMae's dismay as you can see here she is complaining to me about it!

She is so camera shy, she kept right close to me as I was trying to get pictures of her in it. Finally she moved aside a bit.

Then she headed to her "spot" to look out the window and I managed to get a quick one before she jumped down and started complaining to me again!

I'd always said I'd never "dress up my dog" but I have to admit, she looks rather cute in this! It will be good for when the weather is decent enough to walk again. I have to be careful with the snow and possible slippery spots because of a bad knee. I don't need to slip and fall!


knittinwolf said...

So cute! Love the new clothes!

Sunny said...

i really like the blue one,,, can you get it in a larger size? The red one looks warm and toasty!

Sue said...

Oh she looks wonderful in red. Maybe you can exchange the blue one for a larger size. I think it would be pretty on her. My dogs enjoy dressing up and she may get used to it, too.

Janet said...

MaggieMae looks very nice in her new red shirt. Perfect for the holidays. Be careful on those walks! I've really enjoyed seeing all your Christmas decorations.

Tina. said...

MaggieMae would look wonderful in anything she chose to model! And she is so photogenic! And yes stay in out of the weather, you do not need any accidents!

xoxo's and slobber kisses too!

Charli and me said...

Awww... Maggie Mae looks adorable. I always said I wouldn't dress a dog either but then Charli made people smile and feel happy when they saw her pictures so I do it. Maggie Mae is a darling ♥ I just wanted to pop over to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have enjoyed coming her and visiting with you. You have a beautiful blog. I am sending many, many blessings your way for a wonderful New Year and always..