Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When Good Dogs Go Bad (Or Get Bored?)

Tuesday morning I had a routine fasting blood test to get done, my appointment was at 8:20 AM. As I usually do, I decided to go for breakfast after the test. So I went to the local Denny's and enjoyed my breakfast. Then I returned home to find this had happened!

First sight I saw entering from the front door:

On my way to the kitchen:

The entering the laundry room to get the broom:
Something tells me while I was enjoying my breakfast at Denny's, MaggieMae had been enjoying her own smorgasbord from the garbage bag that I stupidly left partially open in the laundry room!! Ok, I learned my lesson there.
However seems the little lady has been quite bored since we haven't been walking in the cold and bitter weather! After returning from my daughter's house this evening, I found a pin cushion on the living room floor, stolen from my sewing room!! I doubt she hurt herself on it or even played with it much as it was full of needles and thread! I did only find one thread on the floor near where I found the pin cushion. I am sure she is fine tonight, which is more than I can say for her reaction after her garbage meal! She laid around most of the day and in the evening she was laying on the floor near me quietly "moaning". So I let her outside, "just in case". She promptly ran the entire length of the yard several times. So ok, was she faking it for attention? I guess she really had a belly full because she had not eaten her entire bowl of evening food, and did drink more water than usual that day. Also she wasn't playing with her toys as much. But please don't be concerned as she is back to normal again.
I have come to the conclusion we need to take an occasional walk again, whether it be short ones, and maybe not as frequent as in good weather. And maybe I need to accompany her to the back yard for some play, even if it's just getting her to elude me with a stick in her mouth and she may think I'm chasing her for it!
(Incidentally, the poor Santa on the floor among the smorgasbord mess is the newest one I got from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It has not been totally destroyed, just missing some greenery which was glued to the front of it. It now sits on a higher shelf awaiting being put away till next year.)
I hope you Dogs on Thursday are being good and take MaggieMae's lesson to heart. Not worth getting sick over is it? Or is it???


Sunny said...

While daughter and grand visited this week, their dog Simon decided the bird suet mix I had cooling on the freezer was just too tempting .... he also upchucked later in the evening. Just like a kid with candy, or ketchup on eggs :)

Sue said...

Uh oh, bad dog. Uh oh, bad Mom. Maggie must learn not to eat the trash. Mom must learn not to leave temptations within reach. Good for New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Years

Charli and me said...

Oh my! I had to laugh reading this post. Charli does the same thing everytime I leave the house. It's like she is throwing fits of some kind. I have to keep all doors closed. When I come home I will find sofa pillows, books, or anything I might leave out in the middle of the room. It's like they are saying, "I showed you didn't I" I hope you are blessed with an incredible New Year Rose. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and look forwared to blogging with you in the coming year.

Tina. said...

Glad she was sick over it of course you were! An active dog is a happy dog and probably didnt like being left at home! Sometimes I just take mine for a ride in the car so they feel they have been "out"! Happy New Year by the way!

Janet said...

"Bad Dog" makes surprise visits to our house sometimes and tries to get Sydney in trouble. That's her story and she's sticking to it. :-) Glad MaggieMae is OK and the Santa can be repaired. Hope you have a Happy New Year!