Thursday, December 23, 2010

~Merry Christmas from Rose and MaggieMae ~ DOT

As I have stated a few times before, MaggieMae does not like posing for the camera, so I was very fortunate to be able to get her to sit with a Santa hat on for Christmas pics. However the displeasure she had for it was clearly seen on her face!

"I can't believe you actually want me to do this."

"Ok, but I am going to remember this!"

"How is this?" Nice one MaggieMae!

"I think we've got enough, put the camera away now mom."

"I'm tired of this, take this silly hat off me now, will ya?"

Well, in spite of someone's "bah humbug" attitude, I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas, and keep in mind that Jesus is the reason for the season! And happy DOT to you all and to all a goodnight!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving ~ DOT ~

Happy Thanksgiving from Rose and MaggieMae! May you all count and enjoy all your blessings today and remember to thank the One who gives all good gifts to us.

May your day be blessed with family/friends and love.

And my you enjoy your meal without being over stuffed...:-) !!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bad Blogger ~DOT Post~

I have been a very bad blogger as of late. Been quite lazy about it. Well, I will try to get back in the swing of things. In the meantime I did get some good shots of MaggieMae on my camera so I did have something to post for her today.

The weather outside is cold, but this feels so good in the sunshine!
Can I have a bite of that?

I also had taken these shots of how God decorated the kennel fence this fall.
He is such a wonderful artist!

Happy Fall DOT!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caught In Action ~ DOT~

Last week I made a trip to New England with a friend for vacation. The sights and colors were absolutely beautiful. One of the stops was along the Atlantic Ocean at Kennebunk Beach. Not only were we treated to a beautiful ocean to take pictures of but were also entertained by these three at the beach. The fellow with the two dogs was throwing a ball into the surf for them to chase.

And chase they did! The black dog is in this picture but hidden by the wave.

And the winner is... click on the picture to see who came back with the ball.

It was a thrill for me to get such a good action shot of them. After this they continued on down the beach and we continued on our way. It was a terrific vacation, and the weather was beautiful till we got back into NY and were greeted with overcast skies and rain. Perhaps I can post more pictures soon (not dog related). I got plenty!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted, however MaggieMae and I are fine. I've just been busy. Funny how life happens like that.

Anyway, I took this picture of MaggieMae a couple weeks ago, and finally got it into my computer. I used to have a cat that I would let lick the yogurt container after I was done, and one day noticed MaggieMae watching me (as she usually does with food) and I thought there was no way she could get her tongue into the container to lick it out. Needless to say, she fooled me. She thoroughly enjoyed it!

So happy "licks" to all you Dogs on Thursday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Kind of Dog? (DOT)

Last weekend we had our local Peach Festival in Lewiston, NY. My dd told me my two grands who are in Girlscouts would be marching in the parade on saturday, so a friend and I went to watch it. While waiting almost two hours for the Girlscouts to come by (my dd said there were 147 units and they were 117th), I snapped this picture of the youngest grand, the camera hanging around my neck and she was right in front of me.

She is also obviously the family clown.

Here they come!


Then we walked around the festival and I got my peach shortcake! Yum!!

Leaving, we saw this heading back to my friend's truck.

This was the finale of the parade, the bagpipe band went back to escort the huge flag they had taken down that had been flying over the judging stand and brought it up to the end of the parade and proceeded to fold it up the proper way. I could not get good pictures of that. Considering this was Sept. 11th, I was wondering if it was also a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Then I saw this new breed (?) of dog! Isn't it cute? Can you guess the combination of breeds? Was pretty obvious to me and the owner confirmed my guess, then agreed to let me take a pic of the lovely one.

What a sweetie she was!

Happy Dogs on Thursday doggie friends!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Ugly Tail for DOT

Well, this is MaggieMae again. I have been confined to the yard now... at least mom has blocked all my exits. But I am unhappy about something else now. Remember my beautiful tail?

Well, I went to the "spa" last night and came home with it looking like this:

What happened?

The groomer told mom it was so matted that she had to shave it! Mom blames me because I hate so much for her to brush it! I guess I do since I try to nip at her when she does... so now I have this "rat tail".... Ugh! Mom says the hair will grow back in. I sure hope she's right! Maybe I'll be nicer the next time she tries to brush it out... :-(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

DOT Post ~~ The Fix Is In (or is it "On"?)

Finally the fence is secured from MaggieMae escaping under it! My son-in-law ran a cable along and through the bottom of the fence. Then I bought some Coleman tent stakes at Kmart, and a friend of mine pounded them in for me at various intervals along the cable.

My neighbor to the side put up some lengths of 4 ft. picket he had, and just propped them against my fence as a sight block. Too bad he did not have one more section of it.

But the cable was tight with a turn buckle at the end of it.

The stakes hold it down even though she could not "stretch" it with the cable, it makes me feel more secure.

Then one day after all this was done, my neighbor on the other side of me rings the doorbell and tells me my "baby" is in his fenced yard!! I thought "what the?" Seems she'd found a spot to crawl under in the back corner! That has now been secured with a wooden stake and some junk rebar!! You can see the slight area she managed to curl the fence up and crawl through.

I do not believe (and I pray) she can get through this little opening! If she does she will be in the neighbors fenced yard anyway, but this is a pretty small opening now!

As of now, she can only look and drool over the bunnies in the yard next door.

"You know you spoiled my adventures mom."
"I know MaggieMae, but it's for your own safety."

"I guess I'll just have to sit and dream of the good fun I had for a little while."

In the meantime, my tomatoes have started to ripen. This is the 2nd one, the first is in the house waiting for me to eat it! Only 8, but I'm sure they will all be tasty!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update on MaggieMae Being Grounded~DOT

No pictures today, but I do have an update on MaggieMae's escape capabilities and consequent "grounding". I was standing in the back yard with a friend and MaggieMae and looked just in time to see something I had not expected! She went like a streak of lightning and escaped again... but ... under the fence!!! She came back about 10 min. later (at least she does come back home) while my I was talking to my nieghbor. At least now I know how to proceed with a fix for the fence! And it will be far less costly than building up the top of the fence. My son-in-law said he has a cable he can run through the bottom of the fence (who knew that chain link would stretch to where a 50 lb. dog could escape under it?) and draw it tight. We will give that a shot (hopefully today) and if that alone is not enough, we can drive some tent stakes or some type down through the fence into the ground to prevent her from going under again also.

I have also been looking into sight block strips and discovered the best type are "winged" or "feathered". I have also found out they are very expensive. A local fence company sells them for $99/10 ft. coverage! Wow! Shopping online I found one site that has them for approximately $66/10 ft. coverage. Free shipping also. I just have to measure the fence and see how much I need. They do not have to be woven in, but fit naturally into the slots created by the weave of the chain link. And the wings or feathers create a complete sight barrier for the fence. I read that they are not recommended for 6 ft. fences as they also block the wind. But they should be fine for my 4 ft. fence. The reason I am considering them is that if she cannot see the bunnies in the neighbor's yard, it would go a long way in deterring her from learning to "jump" the fence to go after them! This would be well worth the $$$ to keep her safe in her own yard!

Hopefully she will be free to run the yard again soon. The poor girl has been absolutely miserable! Of course she will not be happy to realize her escape route has been blocked either, but she will be able to chase squirrels from the yard again and keep the mice scurrying on the other side also! Happy and safe DOT to all you doggies who love to run free!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Peggy Sue

I want to introduce you to Peggy Sue. She is named after the Buddy Holly song of the same name. A friend of mine suggested I get a bike (I had just given one to my grand daughter Samantha) that suited me. So I visited my favorite discount department store over the weekend and found her! Isn't she just a beautiful lady??

And she is not only pretty, she has quality!

She also has 7 speeds.
I relearned to ride and thought I was doing quite well, till I came home and hit the brakes a bit too hard! Ended up falling to the right beside my van, put my hand out to my van to catch my fall, but ended up on my behind! Not only that, I jammed my right arm in the process, which sent shockwaves to my shoulder and today I am feeling some soreness. Fortunately a very wise person said put ice on it right away, which I did. That and ibuprophen helped immensely! But I do not hold the fall against her! She's a beauty and I hope we have many hours of riding.
Oh wait, I have not given up my first love for a ride, my motorcycle! No way! I love them both for each of their endearing qualities and the enjoyment they bring!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DOT and I Got Grounded!

MaggieMae here. I can't believe it! My mom grounded me!! I had a couple adventures last week, when I figured how to get out of the fenced yard, so she grounded me for that! (She still doesn't know if I jumped the fence or climbed it, but I'm not telling her either!) Just because a couple different neighbors tattled on me and brought me home on a leash (although one of them had to walk the entire block and she's a lightweight and I didn't make it easy on her)!

I couldn't help myself! The bunnies running free in the next door neighbors yard just taunted the dickens out of me to chase them, so I did! I had a great time too, cause when I got home again my heart was racing and I was panting so fast and hard! Then mom had to clean out these little green balls from my hair that I got from the weeds we ran through. She wasn't too happy with me at all. You can see from the pictures below how she grounded me for now. I do still get to run the yard when she's out there with me, but she keeps expecting me to show her how I got over the fence and I won't! Not giving away my secret..... no way!! Although I did hear her her talking to my sister's husband Henry about what to do to build up the height of the fence, and maybe even putting some kind of "inward" barrier to keep me from going over it again... darn it all! Humans...! No consideration for letting a dog just be a dog! (Although she said she just wants to keep me safe.) Even when we walked after that she kept jerking the leash on my walking harness if I even tried to "look" for bunnies, then telling me "NO!" so I'd just keep looking forward! I could tell she was not very happy with my adventures! So see what she did now!

It sure isn't any fun being grounded!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kentucky Visit ~ DOT

I made a visit to my sister's house in KY in June this year. I had bought two very nice rockers from a yard sale across the street from me at a very good price. I did so with my sister's house in mind. She has a wonderful front porch. And she'd told me her old wooden rockers were falling apart. So when I saw the two for sale, I thought I'd bless her with them. I had to get the back seat taken out of my van to transport them, but it was worth the look on her face and my brother-in-law loves them too! They are made of composite materials, which my bil explained to me how they were made (although too complicated for me to repeat here). They will last a good long time.

And I got to meet my sister's little Bichon, Izzy. What a cute little thing she is! Very clever and funny girl too.

Such a sweet little face!

They also have an australian cattle dog. This is Red. I wasn't sure how friendly he was when I first got there, but he warms up. Nice looking fella, don't you think?

The bad thing was the temps were mid nineties, and very humid, so we didn't get to do some of the things we wanted, but just visiting with my sis was the best blessing of all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

DOT~ On The Chase

One of the things that makes me smile is when some critter in the back yard decides to duck for cover in the lilac bush. And of course, MaggieMae is hot on the trail.

Around the bush.

And around...

And back around...

And again around...

And back again...

And another good sniff...

And finally tired dog takes a rest, but...

Keeps the watch!

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Memory ~ Beautiful Grand-Dog ~ Sara

Received news from a tearful daughter tonight, their beloved german shorthaired pointer, Sara had passed on. She'd been showing signs of deterioration the last few days. In fact they'd had a scare about two weeks ago when she was acting a bit strange. Sara was 11 yrs. old.

One of my first memories of this dog was when they first got her. My daughter Kim was going to give her a bath in the bathtub, and asked for help. So I got right along side her and together we gave her the first bath in their house. She'd been my favorite grand-dog ever since. This was the gentlest dog I have ever known. Although she was of a hunting breed, that was not for her. She was more a home dog. Good watch dog, and so very patient and understanding with three little girls who would poke and prod and pull ... and she never once even growled at any of them! When I would go to my daughter's house, Sarah would come running to greet me with the grandkids, as if to say, "Grandma's here, grandma's here!" Even when MaggieMae would go with me to visit while I was babysitting the four year old earlier this year, Sarah was never territorial at all. She greeted her with the usual sniffs and then would walk away as if to say, "ok" and go lay down in one of her favorite spots.

She will be missed. She was "Sweet Sara".