Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dog Trails

It's been snowing all last night and today here. Lake effect snow from the northeast (compliments of big storm in Maine I heard) came across Lake Ontario. I've shoveled 3 times (at least 3 to 6 inches each time) and used the snowblower to clean out the end of the driveway onces.

Everytime Maggie has gone out since this afternoon, she is up to her belly in snow. But that doesn't stop her. She goes bounding through it as if it wasn't even there! The other day I looked at the prints from her "leap" and it was about 7 to 8 feet between prints in the snow! This picture was taken tonight and shows the "dogtrails" she's made in the back yard. Maybe tomorrow I can get a picture of her out in it?


Sunny said...

Those ppl in Maine are very generous to share their bounty w/u. Has Taylor been talking to them?? j/k It sure looks pretty from where I sit! I do miss the deep snows of PA , long as I wouldn't have to shovel, but I still stack wood:)

Charli and me said...

You really got a lot of snow! We haven't had much at all but it is cold here. Your lucky little Maggie Mae will go out in the snow. Charli refuses. she will hold her bladder 12 hours if she has too. We have to shovel the drive way and then a spot on the grass and sometimes she will won't go unless I go with her. Thank goodness no accidents in the house.