Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally! Some Good Pics of MaggieMae!

I have said how difficult it is to get pics of MaggieMae. Yesterday was no different. At first anyway. I saw her asleep on my bed on her back, and front legs straight up in the air. I went to the living room to grab my camera, but as soon as I turned it on (from the other room) she heard it! Wow~~ She is one light sleeper!! But she did co-operate eventually, just not the shot I wanted!

When my sister got her dog (much smaller than MaggieMae) she asked me where MaggieMae sleeps. She wanted to know if I crate her. Well, no I don't. She sleeps where she wants. Mostly on my bed now that it's winter, unless she starts hogging and I ask her to leave. So you've seen her asleep on the recliner.

As I said, she sleeps on my bed.

Or the bed in the spare room (futon).

Sometimes next to me on the couch. (I love this shot and can't believe I got it!)

Sometimes by herself on the couch too.
She really is a very good dog the majority of the time, and other times, is just being a dog. I hope all the Dogs on Thursday are warm and toasty in this frigid January we are having (although a temperature break is due here this week).


Sue said...

Those are some wonderful shots of her. She looks very content.

Janet said...

MaggieMae has the sweetest face. Sydney sleeps all over the house too.

Charli and me said...

You really did get some good pictures. MaggieMae has found herself some very comfortable looking places to sleep :>)

Sunny said...

Sometimes just takes patience, or however you spell it :0