Thursday, January 21, 2010

Teaching MaggieMae to Pose (DOT)

I have mentioned before how difficult it has been to get good pictures of MaggieMae. Sometimes I do luck out and she holds still for longer than two seconds.
Today I decided to try to get her to "stay" for a picture.

You can see how she feels about all "Do I have to?"

This is what usually happens, she turns away from me.

Obviously complaining that I'm making her do this. She did the same to my daughter a couple weeks ago when she tried to take her picture.

Another one "Oh if you must!"

Finally, a portrait photo... almost!


Nichole said...

Aww.. you got some really cute shots there!!! :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Wow...that's pretty good cooperation from my standpoint...

Janet said...

MaggieMae has so many cute faces here. I love the one where she's "complaining". She and Sydney have a lot in common when comes to having their pictures taken -- or avoiding it.

Tina. said...

And people say that cats have more expressive faces...I DON't THINK SO! Lolol, I can picture some of the thoughts going through her head!

Charli and me said...

MaggieMae did a great job! That's how I got Charli to pose. I would tell her to stay and then pretend clicks with the camera because at first she was afraid. Next I put a hat on her head for a second and said "Pretty Girl" I did this every day and each time set it on her head a little longer until she let me keep it on her. You did a good job :>)