Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late DOT Post ~ Comfort Food

Well, look what mom did for dinner tonight. She said something about "comfort food for a cold winter day". I can tell you she was nice and shared some of that wonderful steak with me!! I didn't care about the salad and maybe would have liked the baked potato, but I was just so happy she was thoughtful enough to share the steak!

Guess what follows a good meal... A good nap!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MaggieMae's Mid-Winter Bath

Last week I did not get a post done, because this week's post was in the making. That was the day I took MaggieMae to the kennel for her mid-winter bath. I did not realize how much she needed one till she came home smelling sooooo very clean! (She does not have a bad doggie odor but does get a certain "scent" when she needs a bath!) So here she is freshly groomed (not trimmed up as I want her to stay warm for the cold weather when she's outside yet), hair combed out nicely around her face.

If you click on this picture below you can see all the different directions her hair on her back goes. But the thing I love is the softness of her hair! This girl sheds in clumps rather than individual hairs, which to me is much easier to handle as far as shedding goes.

And again, the face I love! Gotta love those big brown eyes!!

MaggieMae wants to know, have you had your mid-winter bath?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have this cactus plant. I've heard them called Christmas cactus, and Easter cactus. At any rate, this one blooms when it feels like it. It has way overgrown the pot, and I only water it when I think of it, maybe every two months? This year it has two blooms and just in time for Valentine's Day. So pretty I thought I'd share. The first shows both blooms.

Then this one I did with the super macro setting on my camera, where you don't use the zoom and have to get right up on it to take the picture. I thought it came out pretty well.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Valentine cactus.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First February DOT Post.

I get a kick out of MaggieMae sometimes when I go to the door to let her in. Sometimes I see the "snowface" and I know she's had her nose down sniffing out mice under the snow.

Yesterday I went out to shovel about an inch off the sidewalk and gave her a stick. She ran around the yard with her prize, then dropped it and picked up what I thought was a leaf. She ran with that for a bit, the threw it up in the air. She attacked the stick again, then went back for the "leaf". Soon I realized it was not a leaf but a "frozen dead mouse toy"! Yuck!! I spoiled her fun by getting it with the shovel and putting it in the burn barrel for later cremation. She was still sniffing where she'd had it last night when I let her out.

Anyway, I was going to post the next picture with a question as to who might be able to figure out what it was. But I gave it a test run on Facebook. Several people guessed quickly enough what it was so I know all you DOT-ers will have it in no time. When I went to let her in the other night, this was what I saw when she moved from where she was sitting. I had to laugh though and thought I needed to get a picture of this one!

Hmmm.... do you think she has a square butt?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinner tonight.

Ok, I know many of you know how to make chicken noodls soup, but I found quite a different taste using a barbeque rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store! To begin with I started with low salt chicken broth and added water, cut up barbeque rotisserie chicken, celery (I use the heart of the celery stock and the leaves also), onion and carrots. The only seasoning I added was some dried sweet basil. I have to tell you this chicken gave it a sweet taste (can definitely taste the barbeque flavor). It's different but very good! I keep seeing everyone posting pictures of their creations on their blogs, and as I was sitting her at my computer I decided to take a picture and do the same. A good meal for a cold winter night! I'm finishing this bowl so I can get a second one!!