Thursday, February 4, 2010

First February DOT Post.

I get a kick out of MaggieMae sometimes when I go to the door to let her in. Sometimes I see the "snowface" and I know she's had her nose down sniffing out mice under the snow.

Yesterday I went out to shovel about an inch off the sidewalk and gave her a stick. She ran around the yard with her prize, then dropped it and picked up what I thought was a leaf. She ran with that for a bit, the threw it up in the air. She attacked the stick again, then went back for the "leaf". Soon I realized it was not a leaf but a "frozen dead mouse toy"! Yuck!! I spoiled her fun by getting it with the shovel and putting it in the burn barrel for later cremation. She was still sniffing where she'd had it last night when I let her out.

Anyway, I was going to post the next picture with a question as to who might be able to figure out what it was. But I gave it a test run on Facebook. Several people guessed quickly enough what it was so I know all you DOT-ers will have it in no time. When I went to let her in the other night, this was what I saw when she moved from where she was sitting. I had to laugh though and thought I needed to get a picture of this one!

Hmmm.... do you think she has a square butt?


Tina. said...

lolololol, too funny, and no she doesn't have a square butt, just the rest of her curves was up off the ground resting on her haunches! :-P

Janet said...

Funny!! I love MaggieMae's "snowface". Sydney just loves to root down in the snow and makes the funniest snort when she comes up for air.

Charli and me said...

Maggie Mae is just adorable. We had a schnauzer when the kids were little that used to catch toads and leave them piled at the back door. Animals are so funny LOL It looks like your little pooch is really enjoying the winter.

Sue said...

I love snow faces, too. They always look so happy.

Nichole said...

I'm sorry but I have to laugh about the "leaf"... though I'm glad it wasn't my dogs! lol