Thursday, February 18, 2010

MaggieMae's Mid-Winter Bath

Last week I did not get a post done, because this week's post was in the making. That was the day I took MaggieMae to the kennel for her mid-winter bath. I did not realize how much she needed one till she came home smelling sooooo very clean! (She does not have a bad doggie odor but does get a certain "scent" when she needs a bath!) So here she is freshly groomed (not trimmed up as I want her to stay warm for the cold weather when she's outside yet), hair combed out nicely around her face.

If you click on this picture below you can see all the different directions her hair on her back goes. But the thing I love is the softness of her hair! This girl sheds in clumps rather than individual hairs, which to me is much easier to handle as far as shedding goes.

And again, the face I love! Gotta love those big brown eyes!!

MaggieMae wants to know, have you had your mid-winter bath?


Tina. said...

MaggieMae is such a gorgeous pup, got to love the eyes! She needs a bow though!

Sunny said...

"Hi Cousin Maggie, I haven't had my bath yet .... my mom is waiting till I get over my per*od before she gives me a bath."


Janet said...

MaggieMae is a beauty! Sydney had her bath on Monday. She's always very perky and proud of herself.

Charli and me said...

Your getting some awsome pictures of MaggieMae! She is so cute ♥

Charli and me said...

I wanted to tell you how pretty and festive your blog looks. I hope you have a happy day :>)