Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Won This!

I won this! Thank you to a wonderful lady from KY at Kentucky Farm Girl at My Country Blog of This and That from a giveaway she had posted. What a wonderful blessing she is!

And spring has shown a little of it's face here in Western NY. This week I saw these peeping out from the above normal temps we have had here.

And these.

We may get some more snow but I know it will not last with the sun in the position it is in. I am just so thankful for these bits of spring and signs of new life and hope!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As Promised~~ Squirrel Duty While Babysitting

Ok, I did finally remember to take my camera with me while babysitting on a day I took MaggieMae also. The squirrels outside were very active, and MaggieMae did not sit still for long at any point during the 8 hours we were there.

This is her favorite window to watch them from (dining room).

She even uses me for a perch to see out another window where I sit at my computer at the table.

Back to her favorite window.

Sara (grand dog) is usually pretty calm when MaggieMae comes to visit. She's such a sweet natured dog. But this day MaggieMae even had Sara looking out the windows a few times wondering what was so darn interesting out there! Unfortunately I could not get a good shot of her at the windows. But it was amusing to watch her too.

The squirrel moved from it's usual area and Maggie had to go to a window in the living room to follow it's antics.

Here's the one causing all the stir, not even realizing it was being dreamed about as "prey".

Poor MaggieMae was beside herself at this point... the critter was right outside the window! So close I bet she thought she could almost smell it!

Once again, by the time we came home and MaggieMae did her tour of her own yard to see what she might have missed during the day, she spent a quiet evening relaxing after her hard day at squirrel duty at my daughter's house!
Happy DOT!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DOT~~Short Post

Sorry, no new photos of MaggieMae to post. I can tell you the snow from the previous post is nearly gone with the warm temps (40's and 50's) we've been having. It won't hurt my feelings if we didn't get anymore, but I won't say that too loud. WNY is famous for St. Patrick's Day storms... and I am praying this year will be an exception.

I've been babysitting for my 4 yr. old grand daughter (2nd week now) while my son-in-law is training (daughter works days) on days for a wonderful new job... a blessing that fell into his lap! I am so happy for them and doing my best to help out. This is a temporary position for me as he will eventually go on night shift. In the meantime, it has been difficult to find time to take pics of MaggieMae as I am tired when I get home in the afternoon after an 8 hour day here at my daughter's house. (Although I do get her out for a walk when I get home.) Today as I type this one of the other girls is home sick from school (there are 3 grand daughters in all in this house)... resting on the couch. MaggieMae is home resting on whatever she decides to nap on! I do bring her with me on occasion and she spends the day on squirrel duty at the windows here. I will bring her along tomorrow and hopefully will remember to bring my camera as well. Then I hope to have good pics for next week's DOT post!

So I hope everyone is enjoying the spring like weather that has been gradually replacing the deep cold that had settled throughout the country. A happy Dogs on Thursday to you all!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DOT~In Black and White

Have been babysitting from 8 AM to 4 PM this week, but did get some pictures of Maggie when we got hit with more snow last week. She sure loves to play in it. These pics were not meant to be black and white, but when you have a black dog in white snow, you get black and white pics!

"Hmm, I thought I heard something over there."

"I'll check it out."

"Do I have to come in already?"

"Ok, here I come, ready or not!"