Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Clip (DOT)

I finally got MaggieMae to the groomer's last week saturday. With the warm temps we've had on and off and her panting already from her warm winter coat, I asked the groomer to give her the "summer cut". She also made a trip to the vet's, which part of it was real agony for her. (The temperature taking and the anal sacs expressed.) However she had a good report card, and was rewarded with about 5 or 6 treats from the vet. (Funny how they caution that dog treats have so much fat in, but when it suits their purpose they lavish them with the treats!)

Now I can hardly get MaggieMae back in the house! She loves to spend the entire day outdoors in the yard if I let her! Sometimes I have to remind her to come in for a rest!

Checking to see what's happening out there.

Hmm... what's going on in the neighbor's yard?
"Oh come on, mom, get that thing out of here! You already got two pics of me!"
Happy Spring ya'll!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Must Be My "Winning Streak"

I went down to an ATM machine last week which is located next to a Curves (which I had been thinking I should look into a membership at actually, although I have not joined yet). There was a lady posting signs outside the Curves facility. They had a chinese auction going on inside with 150 baskets! So of course I thought I'm a sucker for a good cause and went in and purchased two sheets of tickets for the auction! Well, didn't I get a phone call yesterday that I'd won a basket!! This is it below. A Favorite Recipes of Sanborn. and a set of handmade oven mitt-pot holder-napkins, and a set of 6 Patriotic placemats.

Now I need to figure out what to do with each of these. Being on my own here I don't cook much (although I do occasionally cook a dish to take someplace for a pot luck). I am thinking I may keep the cook book. The others I may decide to gift someone else... and there in lies the question... Who to do a RAK to? I don't get a lot of viewers on here, but maybe someone will leave a comment that will spark my interest? What to do? What to do?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to "Normal" on DOT

Well, now that the babysitting daily is done, things are pretty much back to "normal" around here. This post is late because I had a checkup at the doctor's today. (He was pleased with my bloodwork but I told him not to be so nice and yell at me once in awhile, that way I would do better instead of staying the same.) Anyway, with the warmer weather, MaggieMae only wants to be outside most of the day. When I look out to see what she's doing, this is usually what I see.
She's got her eye on something!
She sure is intent!

Oh of course! A squirrel in the tree!

We are starting to play the game again, since I filled the bird feeder (yes I was bad and lazy over the winter and they had to look elsewhere for seeds... ) the squirrels are at it again. I'm not a squirrel lover at all, so when I see them on the feeder I let her out to chase them from the yard! She does a great job climbs the tree in my yard and makes a flying leap to the tree in my neighbor's yard! One of these days if it misses, look out!!!
But MaggieMae is doing a great job at chasing them away. You'd think they'd learn! Dumb squirrels!! :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Signs of Spring!

I had an opportunity to go to PA to my sister-in-law's for Good Friday and part of saturday this past weekend. It was beautiful and warm. I was amazed at how Spring was suddenly popping out there.

Lilacs were starting to leaf out already.

Her bleeding hearts were up and out of the ground.

MaggieMae enjoyed "snuffling" about too.

Although she had to be tied when we were out she didn't seem to mind much. We did get a few walks around the field. She found the same bone twice but did "leave it" when I told her to.

I came home to find this in my front flower bed... ground cover and this other plant that is the one I think that grows little white flowers.

Daffodils starting to bud (which actually began to open up today).
Today I decided to make my first batch of this!

I had dinner with my younger daughter and family for Easter (barbequed chicken on the grill and salads). When I came home I decided to start the cleanup of my yard, (willow branches from the neighbors tree and some from my maple trees). Once I got started I just kept going, burning them in the barrel as I worked raking more. I could not believe it... I got it all done! Of course it's an ongoing thing most of the summer but the winter ones are cleaned up.
We may yet get snow, it's certainly not unheard of here, but it won't last long if we do. Nothing predicted for the immediate future except some thunder storms. So I am just taking one day at a time and enjoying whatever it brings! I love spring!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day and DOT

Sorry no new pics to post. Just this... "hip hip hooray... today is my last day"... of babysitting that is. At least steady. The occasional requirements will still come along, but my 8 to 4 is done today. My son-in-law starts nights next week, and my time will be my own again. MaggieMae will have me to herself again. Celebrating with a trip to PA starting tonight and returning on saturday. Back in time for Easter Service at my own church. Spending a couple days with relatives.

Next week I should be back in the swing of things with pics and postings! So Happy April Fool's Day to all foolish humans and dogs! Now go and play a joke on someone!