Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to "Normal" on DOT

Well, now that the babysitting daily is done, things are pretty much back to "normal" around here. This post is late because I had a checkup at the doctor's today. (He was pleased with my bloodwork but I told him not to be so nice and yell at me once in awhile, that way I would do better instead of staying the same.) Anyway, with the warmer weather, MaggieMae only wants to be outside most of the day. When I look out to see what she's doing, this is usually what I see.
She's got her eye on something!
She sure is intent!

Oh of course! A squirrel in the tree!

We are starting to play the game again, since I filled the bird feeder (yes I was bad and lazy over the winter and they had to look elsewhere for seeds... ) the squirrels are at it again. I'm not a squirrel lover at all, so when I see them on the feeder I let her out to chase them from the yard! She does a great job climbs the tree in my yard and makes a flying leap to the tree in my neighbor's yard! One of these days if it misses, look out!!!
But MaggieMae is doing a great job at chasing them away. You'd think they'd learn! Dumb squirrels!! :-)


Marjie said...

Dumb squirrels think they own the place. Good thing you have Maggie Mae to keep an eye on things.

Nichole said...

Dumb squirrels DO think they own the place! :) Cute pics.

Sunny said...

LOL! I guess by now you know to look up when she is! We have squirrels here running up to get feed from our birdfeeders as well. They even go sit on the deck-rail to eat it. Now thats just being TOO forward!

Vivian said...

That's a really good picture to capture the squirrel in action. MaggieMae is calm compare to my crazy dogs when they see squirrels! She's so intent, I think she has a plan.