Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day and DOT

Sorry no new pics to post. Just this... "hip hip hooray... today is my last day"... of babysitting that is. At least steady. The occasional requirements will still come along, but my 8 to 4 is done today. My son-in-law starts nights next week, and my time will be my own again. MaggieMae will have me to herself again. Celebrating with a trip to PA starting tonight and returning on saturday. Back in time for Easter Service at my own church. Spending a couple days with relatives.

Next week I should be back in the swing of things with pics and postings! So Happy April Fool's Day to all foolish humans and dogs! Now go and play a joke on someone!


Sue said...

Have a wonderful weekend and give Maggie Mae a cuddle from us.

Janet said...

Enjoy your weekend. I'm sure MaggieMae will be glad to have you back.

Charli and me said...

Hi Rose, I hope your trip went well and that you had a fabulous Easter. Give little MaggieMae a hug from us. Thank you for all of your kind words about Charli.