Monday, April 5, 2010

Signs of Spring!

I had an opportunity to go to PA to my sister-in-law's for Good Friday and part of saturday this past weekend. It was beautiful and warm. I was amazed at how Spring was suddenly popping out there.

Lilacs were starting to leaf out already.

Her bleeding hearts were up and out of the ground.

MaggieMae enjoyed "snuffling" about too.

Although she had to be tied when we were out she didn't seem to mind much. We did get a few walks around the field. She found the same bone twice but did "leave it" when I told her to.

I came home to find this in my front flower bed... ground cover and this other plant that is the one I think that grows little white flowers.

Daffodils starting to bud (which actually began to open up today).
Today I decided to make my first batch of this!

I had dinner with my younger daughter and family for Easter (barbequed chicken on the grill and salads). When I came home I decided to start the cleanup of my yard, (willow branches from the neighbors tree and some from my maple trees). Once I got started I just kept going, burning them in the barrel as I worked raking more. I could not believe it... I got it all done! Of course it's an ongoing thing most of the summer but the winter ones are cleaned up.
We may yet get snow, it's certainly not unheard of here, but it won't last long if we do. Nothing predicted for the immediate future except some thunder storms. So I am just taking one day at a time and enjoying whatever it brings! I love spring!!


Sunny said...

It sounds like you had a very nice relaxing time; in PA and then at home too! Daughters are wonderful, aren't they? Especially when they make dinner and invite us over :)

Sue said...

I just love spring, even though there is the winter mess to clean up. It's so nice to see everything popping out of the ground.